Naples, migrations take center stage in Francesca Di Bonito's Migrations project

From August 16 to September 2, 2019, PAN Palazzo delle Arti in Naples is hosting Migrations, a multimedia art project by Francesca Di Bonito (Naples, 1978). Migrations is an artistic experience that analyzes the phenomena of displacement and transformation of living beings. A multimedia, visual and plastic project about the cyclical flows to which biological and social bodies are subjected.

The theme of migration, the focus of the project, is observed from an anthropological point of view, as an evolutionary condition necessary for human adaptation in a world in constant flux, composed of the inexorable natural cycles of life but also of the constant and changing geo-political fluxes dictated by global socio-economic conditions. Biological cycles (living bodies) and population movements (social bodies) are found in the same movement, driven by interpenetrating natural and imperative drives.

The artistic research expressed through the project is thus aimed at a reform of thought patterns with respect to the issue of immigration, which is observed as a temporal expression of a contingency.

In order to transcribe the very notion of flow and migration, the rhythm of the narrative chosen by the artist, is built around visual compositions in which scientific documents, documentary, allegorical, dreamlike and symbolic images alternate. Similarly, the formats chosen also vary continuously and alternate monumental cuts with very small or medium format images.

On the occasion of the exhibition it will be possible to consult the project’s book, published in June 2019. After the Naples stop, the project will be on view in October 2019 at L’Angle Galerie in Hendaye and in November 2019 at FOTOFEVER at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

Francesca Di Bonito is a visual artist born in Italy in 1978 and settled in Paris in 2004, where she currently lives and works. Her experience in photojournalism combined with her studies in art history, photography and plastic arts led her to adopt an artistic approach that through new forms of storytelling explains social dynamics in the contemporary context.

The photographic medium is the narrative material around which her projects evolve. Francesca Di Bonito borrows media tools and techniques from reportage, combining them with the artistic experience and thus generating a metamorphosis of information through the detour of visual documentation and its reading. Through his production the artist questions the social dynamics at the center of contemporary problems.

For all information you can call +39 081 795 8604.

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Naples, migrations take center stage in Francesca Di Bonito's Migrations project
Naples, migrations take center stage in Francesca Di Bonito's Migrations project

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