Outline, Camilla Borghese's solo exhibition in Rome

At the Spazio Nuovo Gallery in Rome, from June 6 to July 7, 2018, the exhibition 'Outline,' a solo show by Camilla Borghese, is on stage.

Today, at 6:30 p.m. at the Spazio Nuovo Gallery in Rome, "Outline," an exhibition, curated by Guillaume Maitre and Paulo Pérez Mouríz, entirely dedicated to Camilla Borghese(Rome, 1977), an architectural photographer with a degree inConservation of Artistic Heritage fromCa’ Foscari University in Venice, will be inaugurated.Camilla Borghese’s love for architecture, the rigid or sinuous forms of buildings, the mighty or soft structures that stand out in front of her gaze, translates into a domestication of the subjects portrayed, which makes the architectures scenic backdrops or patterns, abstractions or drawings, without ever betraying their original nature even when the photographer accentuates their colors and plays with light. The exhibition runs from June 6 to July 7, 2018.

The Spazio Nuovo Contemporary Art Gallery presents 13 photographs from New York, Milan and Naples, which were proposed in the artist’s recently concluded exhibition at Castel dell’Ovo in Naples. The Roman exhibition, then, is proposed as a continuity of path, bringing back to the photographer’s city the works that return the vision of an urban contemporaneity made of continuous references to antiquity and modernism, past and present.
The choice of overexposing the images, of cropping the photos by focusing attention on some specific details, of electing icons of architecture as her favorite subject, of carefully studying the support (mostly cotton paper) and the frames (made of iron), combined with the large size of the images, contribute to accentuate the constant dialogue between real datum and metaphysical dimension typical of Borghese’s latest production.
"Sometimes the aptitude for detail that leads the lens to dwell on surfaces in order to record their qualities short-circuits with the evident aspiration to evanescence obtained through overexposure. Geometrization and rarefaction characterize the boldest images.

With his attentive gaze on the rhythm of the line, on the canons of proportion and harmony, he opens an investigation into the Western architectural language that shows how much Borghese is at ease even with the skyscrapers of the 20th century, of which he immortalizes only details, close-up details, frontal images or fleeting glimpses," writes Serena De Dominicis in the critical text accompanying the exhibition.On the occasion of the opening, the catalog Orizzonte verticale relating to the exhibition of the same name at Castel dell’Ovo in Naples organized by Spazio Nuovo will be presented. The exhibition will remain open until July 7. For all information you can visit call +393409854675 or send an e-mail to ppm@spazionuovo.net.

Outline, Camilla Borghese's solo exhibition in Rome
Outline, Camilla Borghese's solo exhibition in Rome

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