Rome, at the Casa del Cinema an exhibition by Francesco Zavattari on investigation in cinema

From June 15 to June 29, the Casa del Cinema in Rome is hosting 'The Cinema Investigation,' an exhibition by Francesco Zavattari on the cinematic stylistic feature of the investigation. The occasion will also see the inauguration of the institute's new entrance, designed by Zavattari himself.

From June 15 to 29 at the Casa del Cinema in Rome The Cinema Investigation, an exhibition project conceived in collaboration with the prestigious The Cinema Museum in London, will kick off: acting as a trait d’union, the Tuscan artist Francesco Zavattari (Lucca, 1983), who has long shared intentions and exhibition projects with both realities. It is an itinerant photographic exhibition with about 300 shots that will move from the Casa del Cinema in Rome to the Cinema Museum in London, with the intention of investigating not only two places where cinema is the absolute protagonist, but also the faces of those who work there on a daily basis and of the visitors who walk through its halls. Conceived four-handedly with the director of the House Giorgio Gosetti, the installation intends to pay homage to the cinematic stylistic stylistic of the investigation, through complex collages capable of welcoming people in a deeply immersive way.

“They are more than three hundred between shots and notes connected by threads of wool,” explains Francesco Zavattari, “stretched to virtually and physically unite spaces and people in different countries: that thin and tenacious thread is a bit of my expressive signature and here connects a project development of more than two years that has seen multiple shootings carried out in the two locations between January 2020 and this very May.”

“The passion and creativity of Zavattari, an artist and creative of international renown,” says Casa del Cinema director Giorgio Gosetti, "seduced us from the first meeting and gave rise to a true photographic investigation that in some moments recalled the subjectivity of vision dear to the Antonioni of Blow Up. What do we see when we look? From here and the comparison with a museum reality of great prominence such as the Museum of Cinema in London, the idea of the exhibition The Cinema Investigation was born, which will be open until June 29."

The vernissage will also see the official opening to the public of the new entrance to the Casa del Cinema, located in the heart of Villa Borghese, redesigned by Zavattari himself, who brings the peculiarities of his design to this space. A restyling that goes to renew the space d’accueil through which visitors to the House pass: a precise balance between wall applications and wooden creations as the main material of the new desk and aerial weaves, again an expression of the connection between places and people.

This intervention was made possible thanks to the support of Cromology Italia, also through the historical brands Max Meyer and Baldini Vernici. The construction phase was finally taken care of by Matitanera Srl.

For all information, you can visit the official website of the Casa del Cinema.

Rome, at the Casa del Cinema an exhibition by Francesco Zavattari on investigation in cinema
Rome, at the Casa del Cinema an exhibition by Francesco Zavattari on investigation in cinema

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