Siena by night told in an exhibition by Ennio Petreni

From July 6 to 23, 2018, Siena is hosting the exhibition 'And at night I come looking for you,' a solo show by photographer Ennio Petreni about the city as seen at night.

From July 6 to 23, Galleria Cesare Olmastroni in Palazzo Patrizi (in the center of Siena, at Via di Città 75) is hosting the exhibition E la notte ti vengo a cercare, a solo show by Sienese photographer Ennio Petreni, who tells the story of his city as seen at night: in fact, the artist offers a series of fascinating nocturnal views of Siena.

In the exhibition, which is part of the ArteSiena poster, Petreni wanted to tell the story of Siena by night, not limiting himself to illustrating monuments, streets and squares from a reportage point of view but going beyond that. “The intent,” the photographer explains, “was to idealize the night of our city: the observer is led inside an intimate and contemplative world that only the night is able to return, each one accompanied only by the sound of his own steps.” The images were made on an optical bench using an analog technique on a digital support. Petreni constructed a thoughtful photographic journey, in which “each photograph was thought out before taking” and nothing is left to chance. The images, in fact, are able to preserve the changing world, and through the shadows and lights imprisoned by the lens, “we will be able to keep an everlasting trace of it in our memory, so that we will no longer be afraid of the passing time, because we and those who will come after us, will always be able to review and relive, in an ideal stage, our city.”

The free-entry exhibition can be visited from July 6 to 23 from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Ennio Petreni was born in Siena, where he lives and works. He started photography at a very early age: his father was an owner of a Rolleiflex, a camera very much in vogue in the 1960s and 1970s: when he was 12 years old, Ennio had the opportunity to be able to try it for the first time and was thunderstruck. Throughout his career he has had the opportunity to work for public and private entities: many publications to his credit and many advertising campaigns and exhibitions outside his territory. He has always favored analog black and white, as he believes it can best interpret the most intimate part of the image, although he considers, on a professional level, that analog and digital travel on two parallel tracks and a clear distinction cannot be made.

Siena by night told in an exhibition by Ennio Petreni
Siena by night told in an exhibition by Ennio Petreni

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