The Fuente de la Gracia is shown restored at the Prado Museum

The masterpiece La Fuente de la Gracia made by the circle of Jan van Eyck is shown after careful study and restoration at the Prado Museum.

At the Prado Museum in Madrid, an exhibition entitled"La Fuente de la Gracia" is on view until January 27, 2019, which presents to the public the results of the restoration and historiographical and technical study of the only painting on display in the famous museum created by the circle of Jan van Eyck. It is also one of the most relevant and significant canvases in quality and from a historical point of view in the Prado’s collections.

In this exhibition, curated by José Juan Pérez Preciado, curator of the Prado Museum, it is possible to enjoy the painstaking restoration of theFlemish work and learn about the extensive art-historical studies related to it.

Since its discovery in the 19th century, the painting has been considered linked to the figure of Jan van Eyck and the polyptych that the artist together with his brother Hubert made for St. Bavon’s Cathedral in Ghent. However, the work has gradually lost more and more importance, considering it secondary, due to doubts about its origin and arrival in Spain and the Flemish master’s evident lack of direct execution. However, it can be said with certainty that the Fuente de la Gracia was executed in the Netherlands in an environment closely associated with Van Eyck’s workshop, even if the artist did not work directly on it.

The work dates from 1440-1445 and shows a composition on three levels: at the top is Christ Enthroned with the Virgin Mary and St. John the Evangelist, musician angels and singers appear in the center, while at the bottom are noted on the left kings, nobles, and popes, and on the right fleeing Jews, one of them blindfolded.

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Hours: Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sundays and holidays 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Tickets: Full 15 euros, reduced 7.50 euros. Free for under 18 and students under 25.

Image: Jan van Eyck (circle), La Fuente de la Gracia (1440-45; oil on panel, 181 x 119 cm; Madrid, Museo del Prado)

The Fuente de la Gracia is shown restored at the Prado Museum
The Fuente de la Gracia is shown restored at the Prado Museum

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