The Sound of Color. Painting and music in dialogue at Palazzo Te in Mantua.

Through July 28, 2019, Palazzo Te hosts Sonografie. The Sound of Color. Pictorial works and musical compositions in dialogue for the second edition of the project room.

Until July 28, 2019, the Napoleonic wing of Palazzo Te in Mantua hosts Sonografie. The Sound of Color, the second edition of the project room born from the Sonografie research workshop that aims to investigate the relationship between sound and image, highlighting the most significant differences between visual and musical language.

On display are monochrome works by painter Sonia Costantini, through which the artist has created a sound path, accompanied by compositions specially created by masters Luigi Manfrin and Corrado Rojac inspired by the monochromes.

Sonia Costantini’s works are intended to be a path of sound: from the titanium white that collects all colors to the Sound Forest with different shades of green, to the inky blue of cosmic space.
"In the period when I was working on the work Foresta Sonora, my research led me to reflect on the possibility of fragmenting the totality of the space of the pictorial surface, creating suspensions, pauses, through the use of color. In making it, I felt a strong sense of musicality within it; as I drew it, I imagined it just like a sound wave, I was following a course capable of cadencing “sound” and “pauses,” so that I could catch an echo even in the interruptions, in the intervals between the different gradations of color," said the artist.

The musical works arose from the observation of the painter’s works: the composers grasped the fundamental aspects of her production, between formalism and mysticism. “The interaction between sound and color, beyond the correspondences that refer to the experience of synesthesia, seems to establish a true heterotopia of art, where the extension of the sound to the visual and the visual to the sound is ultimately the desire of both fields to transcend the boundaries that distinguish them,” added maestro Leonardo Zunica.

“The vision of Sonia Costantini’s works,” explained director Stefano Baia Curioni, “is accompanied by listening to the compositions of masters Manfrin and Rojac, generated by the musical reading of color, and viewing the scores themselves. The cultural perspective of the Sonografie project is to move from the recognition of the irreducible difference that distinguishes the so-called ’arts of space,’ such as painting and plastic, structurally operating in the ’simultaneity’ of vision, from the ’arts of time,’ such as poetry or music, which inhabit, just as structurally, the temporal succession.”

The project is produced and realized by the City of Mantua, Fondazione Palazzo Te, Museo Civico di Palazzo Te, in collaboration with Diabolus in musica, in synergy with MantovaMusica and Mantova città d’arte e di cultura.

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The Sound of Color. Painting and music in dialogue at Palazzo Te in Mantua.
The Sound of Color. Painting and music in dialogue at Palazzo Te in Mantua.

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