The story of the last Biennale is on display in Carrara, in the halls of Vôtre

The Vôtre space in Carrara hosts "The Last," an exhibition of 80 photographs on the last edition of the Carrara International Sculpture Biennial (2010).

Entitled The Last, the exhibition that opens tomorrow, Friday, June 5, at the Vôtre space in Carrara, in the late Baroque halls of Palazzo Del Medico in Piazza Alberica. The exhibition, curated by Nicola Ricci, tells the story of the last edition of Carrara’s International Sculpture Biennial: staged in 2010, the 14th edition of the major art exhibition that has brought prestige to the town for years was curated by Fabio Cavallucci and was titled Post Monument. The idea of the exhibition was to initiate a reflection on the role of the monument, which, from a symbol of collective memory, in contemporary society has lost the functions once attributed to it.

On display are eighty black-and-white shots, taken by photographer Valerio Brambilla, that capture salient moments of that exhibition: the stages of the set-up, the inauguration, the works of international art greats who took part, from Maurizio Cattelan to Urs Fischer, from Vanessa Beecroft to Antony Gormley, from Cyprien Gaillard to Santiago Sierra and many others.

That of 2010 was the last edition of the Biennale (hence the title of Vôtre’s exhibition): exactly ten years have passed since then, and the intent of the review curated by Nicola Ricci is to reopen the debate on the exhibition that since the 1950s has brought the world’s greatest artists to Carrara and that has stimulated high-level artistic research, as well as diverse philosophical and social reflections. The purpose, therefore, is not only to recall a glorious past and to point out its shortcomings (Ricci points out, in fact, that even at the time the city was unable to retain testimonies of the important personalities who gave life to the exhibition, despite their enthusiasm), but to urge institutions and the business world to once again give life to events and manifestations that are able to bring Carrara back to the center of the art world.

The last one will open daily from 4 to 7 p.m., with mandatory compliance with health and medical measures to counter coronavirus infection. Information is available by contacting Space Vôtre at 338 4417145.

Vanessa Beecroft at the 14th Carrara International Sculpture Biennale (2010). Ph. Valerio Brambilla
Vanessa Beecroft at the 14th Carrara International Sculpture Biennial (2010). Ph. Valerio Brambilla

The story of the last Biennale is on display in Carrara, in the halls of Vôtre
The story of the last Biennale is on display in Carrara, in the halls of Vôtre

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