Three women's photography exhibitions for 15th Lago Film Fest

On the occasion of the 15th Lago Film Fest in Revine Lago (Treviso), three all-female photography exhibitions.

From July 19 to 27, 2019 in Revine Lago (Treviso) will be held the fifteenth edition of Lago Film Fest, International Independent Film Festival: nine days of cinema, music, dance, meetings and tastings. Also this year there will be exceptional national and international guests who will award the best films. Workshops and meetings with the author are scheduled throughout the festival.

In addition, this year, among many initiatives, the festival will host three all-female photography exhibitions: Surfing Iran by Giulia Frigieri who has chosen as the protagonist the first Iranian surfer in history, Shahla Yasini. A photographic reportage in which Giulia Frigieri chronicles a revolutionary movement centered on the unusual surfboard-hijab combination and taking place in Baluchistan, Iran. The photo exhibit will be viewable by walking along the floating boardwalk.

Borders by Sara Pellegrino and Francesco Croce, where 31 portraits in 48h taken on the shores of Lake Lago will be displayed. The person lives conditioned by nudity, both interior and phenomenological, and clothing takes on the function of protecting intimacy and distancing one’s body from that of others and the surrounding.

Under the Olive Tree by Sara Salvador, born from alived experience in the main cities and refugee camps of Palestine. A journey into the architecture of the occupation implemented by Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories and a journey into Palestinian cultural heritage, traditions and identity.

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Image: Surfing Iran

Three women's photography exhibitions for 15th Lago Film Fest
Three women's photography exhibitions for 15th Lago Film Fest

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