ToomulTO: thirteen street artists interpret unseen shots of Turin for charity

Thirteen street artists interpreted unseen shots of Turin with different materials and compositions. ToomulTO, this is the title of the event, is for charity.

Until Sept. 30, 2021, in the spaces of ISC - Innovation Square Center in Mirafiori, Turin, a new innovation hub risen from the redevelopment of the former Mario Gros printing plant and designed in the 1950s by architect Gualtiero Casalegno, the exhibition ToomulTO is underway: unpublished shots by Valerio Minato that tell the story of the Piedmontese capital reinterpreted by thirteen Turin street artists of national and international fame, in a project promoted by Fondazione Pudens Onlus. The aim is to highlight, through art, the city’s social problems, accentuated by the pandemic. The intent is also charitable: donations will be collected to guarantee 14,000 meals a year to be served in the Villa Pellizzari and Casa Betania soup kitchens run by Caritas Diocesana.

The exhibition, which can be visited by appointment, has the patronage of the City of Turin, is promoted by Fondazione Pudens, with the support of Feelthebeat and the artistic direction of Massimo Gioscia, in collaboration with “Il Cerchio E le Gocce,” born from a deep interest in underground cultures, street art and graffiti writing.

Through his shots, Valerio Minato presents an unusual and fascinating Turin; each artist then intervened to provide his or her own interpretation. The works created are different in composition and material, depending on the artistic technique chosen (acrylic, markers, spray, collage, oxidation...).

In the interweaving of languages between photography and street art, ToomulTo brings to attention the city’s iconic places in a new guise, with the intent to open the mind to new possibilities and to look at the city with different eyes.

Prints of the works will be offered for sale outside the exhibition, with a limited run of the multiples in 35x50 size, at the Pudens Foundation headquarters, and will soon be available for purchase online as well. The proceeds will be completely donated for humanitarian purposes to secure 14 thousand meals for the city’s poorest and least affluent.

The exhibition can be visited by appointment only Monday through Friday. For admission and reservations write to

Massimo Gioscia, artistic director of ToomulTo, says: “When I met Antonella Graziano and Pierangelo Decisi, president and vice president of the Pudens Foundation, I thought about the need to create something that had more to do with a ”movement," that had an artistic and charitable purpose at the same time. Above all, that would demonstrate the great creative energy of Turin: an essay of Turin street art to be taken to galleries, homes and professional studios all over the world, to show that Turin is there and is alive, beautiful, energetic, creative, revolutionary. And that it intends to carve out an important role for itself on the international scene, as in its recent past, today even more so. During a very first meeting with Valerio and the artists Corn79 and MrFijodor, the name of the exhibition was also born: ToomulTO; a strong term that well represents the desire to give birth to a movement that does not end with an event, but aims to move people, toward a common goal."

Pictured is the work of MrFijodor

ToomulTO: thirteen street artists interpret unseen shots of Turin for charity
ToomulTO: thirteen street artists interpret unseen shots of Turin for charity

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