Transcendental Algorithms: Tobia Ravà's solo exhibition at the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Venice

In Venice, the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa is hosting the exhibition 'Algoritmi trascendentali,' a solo show by Tobia Ravà, from August 4 to September 15, 2019.

The Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa of Venice in collaboration with PaRDeS - Laboratorio di Ricerca d’Arte Contemporanea of Mirano is organizing the solo exhibition of Tobia Ravà (Padua, 1959) entitled Algoritmi Trascendentali, curated by Maria Luisa Trevisan, which can be visited from August 4 to September 15 at the Piazza San Marco headquarters of the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa.

The exhibition presents recent works by the artist concerning the animal, natural and urban worlds (woods, Venetian canals, architecture, squares and urban porticoes), with paths related to mathematical sequences in relation to space and time, vortices and symbolic clocks, as well as new bronzes and the very latest sculptural productions in stone and marble. In addition to paintings, mirror works and satins, works by the artist are also exhibited in collaboration with other artists from different backgrounds and cultures. The artist has studios in Venice and Mirano, where he has also created large-scale works. The uniqueness of his work lies in the alpha-numeric texture related to ghematrià (“gimatreya”), and kabbalah (“reception”), which he meticulously studies before applying to the surface of the work. In relation to the thought of the Kabbalist of Safed: Itzachq Luria, he proposes an ethical-philosophical path, at once ancient and contemporary, for a new ethical reading of acting in the world in which we live. In each work he develops a symbolic rebus-like path built on different reading planes through ghematrià, a criterion of permutation of letters into numbers in use since antiquity in the Hebrew alphabet, according to which each letter corresponds to a number, so each alphabetical succession can be considered an arithmetical sum.

He recreates the places of the real by making use of a coded language referring to the numbers related to the transliteration of the 22 letters that make up the Hebrew alphabet, which have precisely an ethical, spiritual and numerological meaning, a metaphor for a disintegration through the sparks of an ancestral Big Bang. In his works, a recovery of values related to beauty and respect for the environment is evident, but also of history and all that man has produced as a result of knowledge and knowledge. In his atelier he elaborates all this: he creates his works, elaborates theories and always makes new discoveries. Here, in fact, was born Ravà’s Conjecture on the Fibonacci sequence, particularly the sub-sequence with the repetition of the 24 numbers, found by theosophical reduction of the numbers in the sequence and thus became a theorem having been proved and found to be true, and so also another very recent discovery of his concerning prime numbers “corollary to an already known theorem: the theorem on the divisibility of a number by 9 or more generically by the predecessor digit of the numerical base in which the number is expressed” (so Federico Giudiceandrea).

The exhibition curated by Maria Luisa Trevisan, professor of art history, critic and curator of contemporary art exhibitions, is accompanied by a fine hardback catalog sponsored by the galleries L’Occhio and Sist’Art and printed by Grafiche Turato of Rubano(PD), illustrated with images of some recent works, both pictorial and sculptural, made in bronze, terracotta, resin and marble, as well as backlit lightboxes, works on sublimation satin, works on catalytically mirrored aluminum, and a small graphic anthology. The Pierre Du Bois Foundation in Lausanne, L’Occhio and Sist’Art galleries in Venice, and Fonderia Stefan in Carbonera, TV, are collaborating on the exhibition.

For all information about the exhibition you can visit the Foundation’s official website, while to get to know the artist you can visit his site by clicking here.

Pictured: Tobia Ravà, Infinity in Cannaregio

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Transcendental Algorithms: Tobia Ravà's solo exhibition at the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Venice
Transcendental Algorithms: Tobia Ravà's solo exhibition at the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Venice

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