Two masterpieces from the Vatican Museums on display at Castel Gandolfo

A new exhibition format designed to bring papal collections to Castel Gandolfo gets underway: as of March 23, Correggio's Redeemer and Raphael's Miraculous Fishing tapestry have left the Vatican Museums to be displayed in the Papal Palace.

On the occasion of Easter, from March 23 Correggio’s Redeemer and Raphael ’s Miraculous Fishing tapestry left the Vatican Museums to be displayed in the Castel Gandolfo Museum Complex to inaugurate the new exhibition season at the Papal Palace.

Following the Castel Gandolfo 1944 exhibition, which opened last Feb. 10, the Palace thus enriches its cultural offerings with two new projects showing two masterpieces from the Pope’s Museums. The initiative, the first of a series, marks the start of a new exhibition format designed to bring the papal collections to Castel Gandolfo.

For more than a semester, therefore, visitors to the Polo Museale di Castel Gandolfo will be welcomed to the Hall of the Popes by the exhibition Raphael. The Tapestry of the Miraculous Fishing for the Sistine Chapel, curated by Alessandra Rodolfo, head of the Tapestries and Textiles Department of the Vatican Museums. The exhibition of the precious textile artifact made of wool, silk and gold and silver threads, of Flemish manufacture, belonging to the series of tapestries of the Acts of the Apostles, is intended to be a tribute to the genius of Urbino, who created its preparatory cartoons on commission from Pope Leo X so that they would further embellish the Sistine Chapel on the occasion of solemn ceremonies.

The second exhibition project that will enrich the new musealized rooms on the lower floor of the Papal Palace is Correggio. The Redeemer of the Vatican Museums, curated by Fabrizio Biferali, head of the Department for the Art of the 15th-16th Centuries. The exhibition features another masterpiece from the Vatican Pinacoteca: Correggio’s Redeemer in Glory. The work, an oil on canvas that originally formed the cymatium of the Triptych of the Humanity of Christ, was painted by the artist around 1525 for the high altar of the church of Santa Maria della Misericordia in Correggio (Reggio Emilia). However, its definitive attribution to the Emilian master is rather recent; in fact, it was only in 2011 that the authorship of the Christ the Redeemer canvas was legitimized following scientific investigations carried out during the last Vatican restoration under the direction of the late professor Antonio Paolucci.

Access to all current exhibitions is free and is included in the entrance fee to the Papal Palace of Castel Gandolfo.

Two masterpieces from the Vatican Museums on display at Castel Gandolfo
Two masterpieces from the Vatican Museums on display at Castel Gandolfo

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