Two projects are on display at BASE Milan to tell the story of design as part of the Fuorisalone

BASE Milano, on the occasion of Fuorisalone 2024, presents two projects, one by Parasite 2.0 and one by the Angeli collective, to continue to tell the story of the best of Italian experimental design.

BASE Milano continues to recount the projects that will be featured in the 2024 program of WE WILL DESIGN, through which it will present the best of national and international architecture research and design experimentation at Fuorisalone from 2021.

Following the TALAMO installations by Lemonot and FLOWAIR by Ingo Maurer, the Open Call in collaboration with STIMULERINGSFONDS / CREATIVE INDUSTRIES FUND NL and the relationship with Italian and international universities and academies, the Milanese cultural center presents two unique residency projects.

The first is The Convivial Laboratory - the Camp, a collective experiment investigating different forms of living. From April 12 to 23, a camp will be set up on the terrace of BASE, open to a group of 20 participants including designers, students, curators and cultural operators. 10-day stay made in collaboration with the design and research agency Parasite2.0.

The assonance with the “tent protest” that, in spring 2023, led some students to camp out in front of the Milan Polytechnic in protest against high rents is immediate. This project draws inspiration from that moment and goes beyond it to analyze a planetary emergency, namely coexistence in complex and hyper-globalized contexts. The Camp wants to try to imagine a coexistence based on solidarity, which focuses on relationships and coexistence with others.

Parasite2.0 - founded by Stefano Colombo, Eugenio Cosentino and Luca Marullo - builds a hybrid space, between the large square of metropolitan protest movements and the boundless natural spaces of counterculture and its communes. A large plateau and light fifths: a place to sleep, meet and confront each other.

As part of Camp, an exchange of practices and shared discussions on the topic of precarious living will also take place together with DOPO?: the Milanese cultural center, in fact, has proposed to four designers to create temporary housing structures to host runaways (“runaways”) in exchange for contributions or services based on their skills and interests.

The second project, Temporary Home, will inhabit the rooms of casaBASE, BASE’s guesthouse normally dedicated to hosting artists and designers, with 5 projects translating 5 cutting-edge scenarios.

Angeli’s the light conceived by the Angeli collective(Nathan Raccah and Ward Lauwers), is a reflection on conviviality starting with sharing a meal with loved ones, from preparation to its consumption, represented by a series of kitchen utensils, objects but also symbols.

Found In Translation by Computer Room - a collective presented by the British Council and composed of Andu Masebo, Charlie Humble-Thomas and Jesse Butterfield - starts from 5 personal stories in 5 different languages, from which the designers drew inspiration for as many artifacts that tell the fragile beauty of different cultures.

Erica Curci with MOULTING presents, with silicone casts and Petri dishes, an analysis of people’s skin understood as a place of encounter and exchange of information between us and the world.

Radical Rituals 45ºN 1ºW-45ºN 35ºE, the forty five degrees project collecting some future-oriented and change-oriented spatial practices along the 45th parallel that crosses Europe from the Atlantic coast to the Black Sea.

Finally,Sophie Conroy, Sophie Conroy, with Without a House questions the meaning of “home” by depriving herself of it for 6 months to explore alternative ways of living based on a stronger connection to community, nature and self.

WE WILL DESIGN - the Convivial Laboratory is a platform that invites reflection on the most innovative international practices of coexistence, cohabitation and sharing and their interrelation with the fields related to migration, gender, ability, health and cultural background. The 2024 edition seeks to imagine new ways of coexistence based on principles such as cooperation, democracy, dialogue between cultures, equal dignity and ecological responsibility.

For all information, you can visit the official website of BASE Milan.

Two projects are on display at BASE Milan to tell the story of design as part of the Fuorisalone
Two projects are on display at BASE Milan to tell the story of design as part of the Fuorisalone

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