What happens when an individual lives in cognitive isolation? Eugenio Tibaldi's exhibition

From Sept. 25, 2021, to Jan. 30, 2022, the Tenuta dello Scompiglio in Vorno, Lucca, Italy, will feature the exhibition "Architectures of Isolation," a topical reflection by Eugenio Tibaldi on cognitive isolation from the rest of society.

Tenuta dello Scompiglio di Vorno in Capannori (Lucca), one of the most interesting contemporary art venues in Tuscany, presents, from September 25, 2021 to January 30, 2022, the solo exhibition of Eugenio Tibaldi (Alba, 1977) entitled Architectures of Isolation. Curated by Angel Moya Garcia, this is a project at once complex and articulated, composing an analysis on margins, power, crossings and the very concept of "normality."

The very topical question from which the exhibition starts is: what is triggered in people’s minds when they take a path that inevitably leads them toward a kind of cognitive isolation from the rest of society, an other space in which it becomes impossible to define a real will of the individual in creating this very condition? An occurrence that can be likened to a landslide, destined to persist until a rearrangement takes place. In this new arrangement the inner space begins to coincide and adhere with the outer space, with no more distinctions or boundaries. The idea for this project was born following the first lockdown in March 2020, when Eugenio Tibaldi visited a stately apartment abandoned for a decade in the center of Turin. His interest in working on mutations, on margins, on peripheries (understood both in the social and cultural sphere, and above all in the mental, ideological, and psychological sphere) leads him to question and investigate theaccumulation of objects, of all types and origins, that lie completely dusty inside the house. A huge amount of materials obsessively collected by the person who has spent the last ten years of his life confined in that space, refusing any contact with the outside world.

In the project Architectures of Isolation, the human condition of that person is not called to witness, it matters little who he or she was and how he or she was physically: instead, the posthumous construction of the conceptual palimpsest of a choice emerges, a possible way that exists within each of us in which we cancel any conception of external space, letting go towards total social disappearance. An exterior dimension that in this sense vanishes in an absolute and objective sense. This space becomes only a simplified reference of the porous nature that composes us, aggregating lights and shadows according to our will of gaze and emotional charge. A project, the curator explains, in which crowding and deprivation walk together and in which isolation, madness and the need to deprive oneself of any social life are formalized.

Eugenio Tibaldi (1977), an artist who has always been attracted to marginal dynamics and aesthetics, the complex relationship between economy and the contemporary landscape, began his work in 2000, when he moved to the Neapolitan hinterland and began to investigate one of the most plastic and dynamic territories in Italy, drawing a sort of map of informality. The margin, understood as a condition that is often more mental than geographical, representing the only way truly capable of generating alternative possibilities, other levels of reading, which represent the majority of the human population. He has worked in Istanbul, Cairo, Rome, Thessaloniki, Berlin, Verona, Havana, Bucharest, Turin, Caracas, Brussels, Tirana, Addis Ababa. During the opening of the exhibition it will also be possible to visit the permanent works in the spaces of Tenuta Dello Scompiglio: Room #3, installation by Cecilia Bertoni and Claire Guerrier with Carl G. Beukman; In sosta by f.marquespenteado; There is not a priori answer to this dilemma (The Dolphin Hotel) by Francesca Banchelli; W18S by Antonio Rovaldi and Ettore Favini; Un Esilio by Valentina Vetturi; L’Attesa by Cecilia Bertoni with Carl G. Beukman; the group exhibition Il Cimitero della Memoria; and Arie per lo Scompiglio by Alfredo Pirri.

The exhibition is free admission and contains images that might shock sensibilities. Sport shoes are also recommended. Open: Thursday and Friday 2-6 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday 3-7 p.m. For info: phone 0583 971125, email biglietteria@delloscompiglio.org site www.delloscompiglio.org.

Photo: Eugenio Tibaldi, Architectures of Isolation. Photo by Lorenzo Morandi

What happens when an individual lives in cognitive isolation? Eugenio Tibaldi's exhibition
What happens when an individual lives in cognitive isolation? Eugenio Tibaldi's exhibition

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