RAI Arte interview with Luca Morosi of MostreINmostra

A nice interview done by RAI Arte with Luca Morosi of MostreINmostra, the Italian portal of art exhibition and exhibition reviews

We inaugurate the section of Finestre sull’Arte dedicated to interviews with an interview that ... we did not do, but the RAI Arte portal, and in particular an interview with Luca Morosi, creator of the portal MostreINmostra(www.mostreinmostra.it). Many of you already know the site, because he has been a friend of Finestre sull’Arte for some time now, and a good collaboration in the name of quality has arisen between our two entities.

But for those of you who are not yet familiar with MostreINmostra, let us give you a few small details: it is a portal dedicated to reviews of exhibitions held throughout the Italian national territory (but not only). The exhibitions reviewed cover the whole history of art, from antiquity to the present day, and are written by a solid team of qualified and competent people who visit the exhibitions live and narrate them for the public.

But let’s leave it to Luca to explain in detail what MostreINmostra is all about! Here is the link to see the interview granted to RAI Arte: Exhibitions reviewed by those who visit them, click to see the video!

And finished watching the video drop by www.mostreinmostra.it. Luca Morosi has created a really nice and innovative tool, open to everyone, of quality and carried out with great passion and love for art... it is really worth it, we hope you will add it to your favorites and maybe share it with everyone who likes art. Oh, we forgot, there is also a Facebook page to follow to stay updated: click here to join it. And we at Windows on Art are really pleased and proud to be a partner of MostreINmostra!

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