Calabria, permanent hiring for 24 receptionists

In Calabria, the region hires 24 receptionists who will work in the offices of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

The Region of Calabria has launched a selection process for 24 staff to fill the role of custody, surveillance and reception operators in the Calabrian offices of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (1 in the province of Catanzaro, 16 in the province of Reggio Calabria and 7 in the province of Cosenza). The 24 employees will be hired on a full-time, permanent basis (area II, salary position F1).

Citizens registered in the lists of the Employment Centers of the Calabria Region will be eligible to participate in the selection. Requirements to participate (valid as of Sept. 4): be unemployed under Legislative Decree 150/2015, citizenship of Italy or another European Union state, or holders of a residence permit, at least 18 years of age, secondary school diploma, fitness physical fitness, enjoyment of civil and political rights, not having been excluded from the active electorate, not having been dismissed, dismissed or disqualified from employment by a public administration for persistent inadequate performance or having been declared disqualified from a state job for having obtained the job through false documents, not having been convicted of criminal offenses that result in disqualification from public office, having duly fulfilled military service obligations.

Applications should only be submitted via Pec to one’s employment center between Oct. 5 and Oct. 12, 2020. After that date, the employment centers will prepare the relevant ranking list, after which the regional manager will draw up the single integrated regional ranking list, which will be published for ten days on the institutional portal of the Region of Calabria and posted at the offices of the employment centers: the publication will have formal notification value. There will then be ten days for any petitions for reconsideration.

For all information, to download the notice and to apply, visit the Regione Calabria website.

Image: the Archaeological Park of Locri (Reggio Calabria)

Calabria, permanent hiring for 24 receptionists
Calabria, permanent hiring for 24 receptionists

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