Jobs in culture: vacancies, open positions, contests of the week

Back as it is every week is the appointment with the column for job seekers in culture. Jobs, open positions, calls for applications from January 7 to 13, 2022.

Third appointment of the year with our column for those looking for a job in culture. Here are vacancies, open positions, calls for applications, and opportunities we have gathered between January 7 and 14, 2022. Plus, an update on our announcement from last January 3: the search has ended, so we are no longer accepting applications. We will respond in the coming days to all those who sent us their applications, whom we thank.

Windows on Art opens again to interns (only for University of Pisa, University of Genoa and State University of Milan). For the period February-March we are looking for an intern (curricular internships only) for a new project of our newspaper, to join the editorial staff. For info and applications see the announcement on the portal of the University of Genoa and on the portal of the State University of Milan, while for Pisa write an email to mail [at] finestresullarte [dot] info). For Genoa and Milan, applications are accepted only from the platform.

In Turin, the Fondazione Centro Conservazione e Restauro dei Beni Culturali La Venaria Reale Foundation has published three exploratory notices of expression of interest aimed at establishing lists of technical-scientific figures(link here), assistant photographers of cultural heritage(link here) and architects and engineers(link here). For all, the deadline is 12 noon on Jan. 24, 2022.

In Milan, the Mondadori Group has opened a selection for a Digital Sales Specialist who will support the Audiolibri business. Term contract for maternity replacement. For information see the Mondadori Group website.

In Milan, the company eArs is looking for a Business Developer for internship with the prospect of hiring. The company particularly values prior knowledge of the arts and culture sector. Salary 1,000 euros gross per month for about 30 hours per week. For information see the Profilcultura website, which handles the selection process.

In Venice,Ca’ Foscari University has published several active calls for applications for teaching and supplementary teaching in the University’s courses of study: English Language Tutorials (deadline Jan. 18, 2022), English Language (Jan. 20), English Literature (Jan. 20), Italian Sign Language (Jan. 20), Russian Language (Jan. 20), Educational Linguistics (Jan. 20), Italian Translation from English (Jan. 20), Chinese Literature (Jan. 24), Classical Chinese Language (Jan. 24), Coding for Social Sciences and Humanities (deadline Jan. 28). For info see the Ca’ Foscari University website.

InVerona, theUniversity of Verona has announced a competition for a researcher in French Language and Translation. Deadline January 31, 2022. See the University of Verona website for information.

In Bologna, theCrexida Cultural Association is seeking an organizational figure to integrate into its working group. The collaboration will be developed on theater production projects, on the organization of the multidisciplinary festival Scena natura and in the organization of other reviews and artistic events. For information see the Profilcultura website, which handles the selection process.

In Ancona, Fondazione Marche Cultura announces a new selection for the position of Head of Marche Film Commission, through activation of a two-year contract, renewable. Deadline today, Friday, Jan. 14. For info and applications visit the Fondazione Marche Cultura website.

In Orzinuovi (Brescia), Oglio Nord Park has announced a competition for the recruitment of an administrative instructor culture sector on a part-time, open-ended contract. Deadline January 30, 2022. For info consult the Oglio Nord Park website.

In Romanengo (Cremona), the Municipality of Romanengo announces a public competition on the basis of qualifications and examinations for the permanent part-time 18-hour recruitment of an administrative instructor for the library-culture area. Deadline January 24, 2022. For information go to the Romanengo Municipality website.

In Martina Franca (Taranto), Fondazione Paolo Grassi Onlus - Festival della Valle d’Itria is looking for the new Production Manager of the Festival della Valle d’Itria: in collaboration with the General Manager and the Administrative Director of the “Paolo Grassi” Foundation, in agreement with and according to the indications of the Artistic Director, he will be in charge of all organizational aspects of the performances within the Festival. For information see the Profilcultura website, which handles the selection process.

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Pictured: Turin

Jobs in culture: vacancies, open positions, contests of the week
Jobs in culture: vacancies, open positions, contests of the week

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