Online course to design and implement art exhibitions kicks off

ContemporaneAcademy kicks off the online course in Curating and Managing Art Exhibitions on May 11.

Would you like to become a professional in the world of exhibitions and conceive and realize high-level art exhibitions? ContemporaneAcademy, which has been training within Contemporanea Progetti since 2005 in the design and realization of museums and exhibitions in Italy and around the world, kicks off on May 11, 2021 the online course in Curating and Management of Art Exhibitions aimed at those who intend to become professionals specializing in Art Advisory, Curating, Management and Organization of Exhibitions, Museography and Exhibition & Graphic Design. Registration for the course is open until May 6, and a discount of 100 euros will be applied to the first five registrants (490 euros instead of 590 euros).

Originating from a corporate reality, the slant given by ContemporaneAcademy to the course will be extremely practical, differentiating it from many courses even at universities: attention will be placed on the processes and methodologies that are concretely followed on a daily basis in a company specializing in the field.

The course will be held online with live teachers and will include a total of 40 hours; the theoretical lessons will be accompanied by a workshop aimed at completing the design of an exhibition within the corporate reality of Contemporanea Progetti, a company that has been active in this field for more than 20 years. Participants will have the opportunity to acquire all the necessary tools for the conception and realization of high-level art exhibitions: both the specificities of ancient art exhibitions and the new frontiers opened by contemporary art will be addressed, combining a comprehensive theoretical preparation and personal, direct experience. An opportunity to learn directly in the field and put into practice what has been learned during the course with the teaching team of ContemporaneAcademy and the working team of Contemporanea Progetti. Each student will experience alongside the lecturers all the moments that lead to the creation of an art exhibition, facing the various and complex phases of planning and realization from both a theoretical and practical point of view. At the end of the theoretical lectures, a final workshop will give the opportunity to concretely design an exhibition following the processes and phases proper to the business reality.

The objective of the course in Curating and Management of Art Exhibitions is to provide skills in exhibition design, scientific research, curatorship, organization (loan request, insurance, transportation and logistics), communication, set-up, graphics, preparation of a catalog, mounting and opening of an exhibition. The final workshop is intended as a viable alternative to traditional educational courses, with the goal of involving the enrolled students within the business reality, offering stimulating case studies and a close encounter with the world of art exhibitions.

The theoretical classes include 32 hours in two weeks (2 hours each class, 4 hours for 4 days a week), while the final workshop includes 2 hours each meeting and 2 meetings a week for two weeks of individual work with online tutors.

ContemporaneAcademy employs professors and professionals in the field, each with his or her own specialization and long experience in the field of enhancement, communication and management of museum and cultural events. Coordinator is Professor Eugenio Martera, CEO and general manager of ContemporaneaProgetti, a former lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence and in various postgraduate master’s programs at private institutions with courses in museum design, temporary exhibitions and cultural heritage management.

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Online course to design and implement art exhibitions kicks off
Online course to design and implement art exhibitions kicks off

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