The Carrara Academy of Bergamo is looking for a new director. Here's how to apply

In Bergamo, the Carrara Academy is looking for a new director to take office in 2024. There is time until March to apply: here are requirements and deadlines.

The Fondazione Accademia Carrara, the body that has managedBergamo’s Accademia Carrara since 2015, has issued a call for applications for the museum’s new director, inviting Italian and international candidates to apply, as indicated, no later than March 10, 2023.

The role of director is entrusted until the end of her term (January 2024) to Maria Cristina Rodeschini, who in the last year accepted the request to extend her professional commitment so as to include the important appointment with Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture. Once the selection has been completed, in May 2023, the identified candidate will immediately begin an initial contract collaboration for the current year, thus being able to design, in close contact with the museum team, the multi-year programming and then enter a tenure-track position as of February 1, 2024.

The director is required to have a bachelor’s or master ’s degree in art-historical subjects, or a Ph.D., and then proven professional experience that includes marked inclination to innovation, predisposition for leadership and management of working groups, excellent knowledge of English, and professional qualification in the protection and enhancement of cultural heritage demonstrated by the existence of one or more requirements among: at least three years of experience in public or private organizations operating in the museum sector, being in possession of a particular professional specialization inferable from undergraduate and postgraduate training, scientific publications and concrete work experience gained for at least three years, including in public administrations in Italy or abroad, coming from the fields of research and university teaching in Italy or abroad. Again, the candidate must not have been dismissed for disciplinary problems.

Those interested in participating in the selection may submit their application to the Fondazione Accademia Carrara, no later than 12:00 noon on March 10, 2023, by sending it exclusively by certified e-mail, to the following address: (the date and time of delivery of the certified e-mail message will be the date and time of delivery). The subject of the PEC must contain indication of the sender and the words “Application for the position of Director of the Museo Accademia Carrara di Bergamo.”

For all information on the call and applications, you can visit the website of the Carrara Academy of Bergamo.

The Carrara Academy of Bergamo is looking for a new director. Here's how to apply
The Carrara Academy of Bergamo is looking for a new director. Here's how to apply

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