Auctions from April 27 to May 3: art, photographs and wines

Auctions: here are all the appointments for the week of April 27 to May 3, 2022.

Welcome back to our column dedicated to auctions! Here are the best deals from April 27 to May 3.

Two auctions at Pandolfini’s: April 28 and 29 is The Essentials-Italian and French Wines from Selected Wineries; through May 5 is Antique and 19th Century Prints and Drawings.

From April 28 to May 10, Wannenes has scheduled the ANTIQUE AND 19th CENTURY PAINTS auction selling works by artists such as Cesare Francanzano and Friedrich Stahl.

In addition to Antique Paintings, running through April 29, Cambi also has Maritime Art and Scientific Instruments on its calendar for May 3.

Finarte has two auctions in store for photography lovers: on April 28 there is Photography: Under 1K; on April 29 there will be Photography of the 1800s: the Travel Album.

For fashion lovers, Bertolami opens the Fashion & Luxury, Memorabilia and Militaria auction on April 27.

Three auctions at Boetto: April 27 is Selected and Murano; April 28 will be Design.

Four auctions at Christie’s: April 27 is Most Collectible Bags : An Important European Private Collection; April 28 is Finest and Rarest Wines; through May 3 is Art contemporain - vente online; through May 5 is Safeguarding the Irreplaceable: A Selling Exhibition to Benefit the Ukraine Heritage Response Fund at World Monuments Fund.

On April 28, Sotheby ’s holds the Contemporary Curated auction selling works by contemporary artists such as Cristina BanBan and Stanley Whitney.

Pictured: 17th-century Genoese School, Studies for a Woman with Child, for sale at Pandolfini’s

Auctions from April 27 to May 3: art, photographs and wines
Auctions from April 27 to May 3: art, photographs and wines

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