March 1-7 auctions: paintings, jewelry and automobiles

As every Wednesday, here is our appointment with the best auctions. Let's look at all the auction houses' proposals from March 1-7, 2023.

What are the best auctions from March 1-7? Let’s find out right now.

Four auctions at Pandolfini: March 2 to 9 is Jewelry and Watches and Pens; March 3 opens Antique Paintings, open until March 11, and 19th-century Paintings, Drawings and Sculptures, open until March 12.

Three auctions at Wannenes: March 2 to 14 is Old and 19th-century Paintings; March 3 to 15 will be Modern Works and Multiple Authors; March 5 will be Classic Cars and Motorcycles & Youngtimers.

Four auctions at Wannenes: on March 3 Pocket Watches opens, due March 16, and Jewelry, ending March 17; on March 6 we will have Whisky & Co., which will run until March 19, and Multiples, open until March 20.

On March 2 Finarte opens the auction Figurative Art between the 19th and 20th centuries. Among the lots for sale are works by artists such as Luigi Mantovani and Luccio Lecchi.

Four auctions at Christie’s: on March 1 there is Post-War and Contemporary Art Day Sale; on March 2 there will be Christie’s Art+Tech Summit 2023; on March 3 it will be Impressionist and Modern Art Day and Works on Paper Sale; on March 7 we will have Art of Collecting: A Pacific Island Connoisseur of Art and Design.

Lots of auctions at Sotheby’s: on March 1 there is The Now Evening Auction and Modern & Contemporary Evening Auction; on March 2 there will be Modern & Contemporary Day Auction and The Impeccable Burgundy Collection; on March 4 we will have Amelia Island; on March 7 it will be the turn of Fine Watches.

Pictured: Giovanni Riva, Piazza Duomo in Milan, on sale at Finarte

March 1-7 auctions: paintings, jewelry and automobiles
March 1-7 auctions: paintings, jewelry and automobiles