Forte dei Marmi's Ugo Guidi Museum goes digital: wins Wikimedia Italia's call for entries

Important result for the Ugo Guidi Museum in Forte dei Marmi, which won Wikimedia Italia's national call for digitization: the project allows the digitization of about 100 works preserved in the museum, which will be disseminated online under a free license.

One of the most interesting museums in the province of Lucca, the Ugo Guidi Museum in Forte dei Marmi, the house-museum that was the home and studio of Ugo Guidi (Pietrasanta, 1912 - Forte dei Marmi, 1977), the great 20th-century sculptor whose main works are preserved here, is about to land in digital. In fact, the museum has won the national call for proposals Musei Archivi Biblioteche 2022 by Wikimedia Italia, an association for the dissemination of free knowledge; the call was promoted by ICOM Italia and Creative Commons Italia and funded by Wikimedia Italia national body of Wikimedia Foundation Inc., a nonprofit organization that supports Wikipedia worldwide for the support of the free online reuse of public domain images and content with free licenses, which is an opportunity for the dissemination of knowledge of cultural heritage with digital technologies.

Free reuse is a direct corollary of the Faro Convention, which enshrines the individual and collective right “to benefit from and contribute to the enrichment of cultural heritage,” and highlights the need for cultural heritage to serve the enrichment of “economic, political, social and cultural development and land-use planning processes.” The call for proposals, which was open to all cultural institutions based in Italy, saw the participation of 32 entities, and there were 7 funded projects in 6 different Italian regions.

Wikimedia Italy awarded the Ugo Guidi Digital project by the museum’s scientific director, Lorenzo Belli, presented by the Amici del Museo Ugo Guidi association, which manages the Casa Museo Ugo Guidi in Forte dei Marmi(LU). The implementation of the project will take place in collaboration with two important cultural realities such as Openart Project and Alkedo aps and involves the digitization, or rather the photoscanning, processing, archiving and sharing on Wikimedia Commons under a free license of about 100 works of sculpture and painting by Master Ugo Guidi preserved in the House Museum dedicated to him. The resulting material, i.e., photographs of the sculptures and paintings, digital reproductions of the works on paper, and documentary videos made will be uploaded to the Internet under a free license.

The aim of the project is to expand the audience of the Ugo Guidi House Museum by involving, through web promotion, new targets such as millennials and people with reduced mobility who would not have the opportunity to visit the entire house museum due to the architectural barriers present.

Pictured are some of Ugo Guido’s works preserved in the House Museum in Forte dei Marmi.

Forte dei Marmi's Ugo Guidi Museum goes digital: wins Wikimedia Italia's call for entries
Forte dei Marmi's Ugo Guidi Museum goes digital: wins Wikimedia Italia's call for entries

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