Here's the app for visiting the Met from home-and borrowing its works

The Metropolitan Museum in New York today launches an engaging app for visiting the museum from home and... borrow its works.

The Metropolitan Museum in New York today launched The Met Unframed, an engaging new app that the U.S. museum developed in partnership with Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband. The app can be reached at (at the moment it works only with mobile devices): it is a “virtual immersive” experience (so in the presentation), and at the same time a game to introduce the public to some 50 works in the museum.

With the app (which is simply accessed through the browser: no need to download anything), one begins to visit the museum, and pauses in front of the works. For each of them there is a small game that leads the audience to explore its details (it was designed precisely with the aim of bringing out unusual or unseen details of the works: in some cases a kind of virtual reflectography is also activated, which allows you to see the preparatory drawing), and once you have passed all the levels you can ... borrow them! In virtual format, of course: at the end of the game, in fact, an augmented reality experience starts that allows you to see how the work...might look inside your own home. The game begins in the Metropolitan’s Great Hall, where the audience is greeted by Kent Monkman ’s 2019 diptych Mistikôsiwak: Wooden Boat People(contemporary art is well represented in the app: works by El Anatsui, Mark Bradford, Ibrahim El-Salahi, Sam Gilliam, and Carmen Herrera are featured there). Other works included in the game include Jackson Pollock ’s Autumn Rhythm (1950), paintings by Jacob Lawrence, Vincent van Gogh ’s Wheatfield with Cypresses (1889), Rembrandt’s 1660 self-portrait, and many others. The Met Unframed is available for free and for a limited period of five weeks.

“Our mission, ever since the Met was founded 150 years ago,” says Met director Max Hollein, "has been to connect people to art, to ideas, and to each other. Something we have found to be much more powerful in these months of isolation and uncertainty. The Met Unframed brings the museum to audiences everywhere through an innovative experience by which users can virtually visit the museum’s iconic spaces and interact with the Met’s masterpieces, learn more about the works by playing with augmented reality, and enjoy art by taking it home with them. The Met Unframed expands the ways we understand, experience and appreciate art."

"The Met Unframed," adds Andrew McKechnie, Chief Creative Officer at Verizon, “promotes digital inclusion for audiences who may never have experienced art in such a personal way. We are using the power of technology and enrichments developed by Verizon 5G to provide expanded access, deep educational experiences, and opportunities for interaction and sharing involving the most beloved works of one of the world’s most famous museums.”

Pictured: the Metropolitan Museum in New York City

Here's the app for visiting the Met from home-and borrowing its works
Here's the app for visiting the Met from home-and borrowing its works

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