Isa Vince Tutto, the webcomic inspired by Isabella d'Este, returns. Second series kicks off

Kicking off the second series of Isa Vince Tutto, the webcomic loosely based on the historical character of Isabella d'Este. Weekly on the web and in print in La Gazzetta di Mantova.

Back with twenty-four more episodes to read each week on the web and in print in La Gazzetta di Mantova is the webcomic Isa Vince Tutto. The brainchild of Mantua’s Ducal Palace director Stefano L’Occaso and produced by Rulez, Isa is a comic strip loosely based on the historical character of Isabella d’Este, the famous “Primadonna of the Renaissance” who contributed greatly to the prestige of the Gonzaga family in the years between the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries. Through Rita Petruccioli ’s plates and Lorenzo Ghetti ’s writing, we will find ourselves once again in Mantua at the court of the Gonzagas, inside the great complex of the Ducal Palace, where a wild Isabella d’Este will know how to entertain us with her pestiferous adolescent manner and the tools of a skilled contemporary “influencer.”

“We are very happy,” says Stefano L’Occaso, "to announce the departure of ISA’s second comic series, which will keep us company until the fall. The Marquise was no longer in her skin: she threatened to lock us up in the dungeons of St. George’s Castle if we did not finish ’her’ new episodes quickly, in the same way that she terrorized painters and master builders who were late in delivering their works by the required deadlines. I sincerely thank authors Rita Petruccioli and Lorenzo Ghetti, Rulez’s Chiara Palmieri, and Isa’s social media manager Lorenzo Bonoldi for granting me the Marquise’s benevolence! We will again pay homage to one of the key characters in the history of Mantua and the Renaissance through this new series of twenty-four self-contained episodes, certain that ISA will once again be able to amaze and entertain us."

The first series of Isa Vince Tutto, published from February to August 2022 and collected in a volume published by Rulez in November of the same year, received the Carlo Boscarato Award as best webcomic at the Treviso Comic Book Festival 2022 and the “Young Readings” Award at the COMICON festival in Naples 2023. In addition to the awards, Isa’s success is evidenced by the thousands of followers who have interacted with @isavincetutto’s social pages, showing a fondness for the character that is far from obvious. Episodes of this new season will be published starting Wednesday, May 17, on the occasion of Isabella d’Este’s birthday, and following that, every Thursday via social and at and in print every Saturday in the Gazzetta di Mantova.

Isabella d’Este (Ferrara, May 17, 1474 - Mantua, February 13, 1539) was one of the most famous figures of the Renaissance. Having arrived in Mantua when she was only sixteen years old as the bride of Francesco II Gonzaga, she soon became known in all the courts of Europe for her talents as a cultured collector and demanding patron of the arts. Isabella lived within the walls of Mantua’s Ducal Palace, now a museum venue, and her fame was never extinguished.

ISA has an amused and irreverent tone, is aimed at a young audience but is suitable for everyone. It tells about the places of Mantua and the Ducal Palace in a lively and never trivial way, starting from a solid historical basis but without philological excesses. ISA is a project of the Ducal Palace of Mantua, produced by Rulez, under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture.

Isa Vince Tutto, the webcomic inspired by Isabella d'Este, returns. Second series kicks off
Isa Vince Tutto, the webcomic inspired by Isabella d'Este, returns. Second series kicks off

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