MAMbo, special edition of ROSE Residency Program: museum welcomes Ukrainian artist

MAMbo in Bologna hosts a Ukrainian artist in the Artist Residency: special edition of the ROSE Residency Program to implement a concrete solidarity action.

MAMbo - Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna dedicates a special edition of the ROSE Residency Program to the artistic community of Ukraine, a project that kicked off in 2016 under the curatorial coordination of Giulia Pezzoli, in order to promote the international mobility of contemporary art and support its most current expressions.

Since April, the artist and performer Mariia Proshkovska (Kyiv, 1986), together with her six-year-old son, has been hosted inside the Sandra Natali Artist Residence, a property that in 2010 Sandra Natali bequeathed to the former Istituzione Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Bologna, currently included in the Istituzione Bologna Musei, with a testamentary bond to use it as a space to foster the development and training of new generations of artists. With the full support of the Municipal Administration, MAMbo has decided to implement a concrete action of solidarity, offering welcome and support to a Ukrainian artist and at the same time testifying to a feeling of closeness towards the entire contemporary art scene and cultural institutions of Ukraine in a tragic historical moment.

Mariia Proshkovska’s research is oriented towards the themes of sexualization and reification of the female body, gender inequality, devaluation of women’s daily work, domestic violence, stereotypes formed by social pressure and their influence on collective behavior patterns and individual decision-making processes.
In 2017 she won a special prize at the MUHi competition for young Ukrainian artists with the high-impact installation entitled Vulnerability. The photograph was pasted to the floor of the National Museum of Taras Shevchenko in Kyiv, where the competition finalists’ exhibition was held, inviting the public to walk carefully around the work, trying not to step on it. For the artist, this project was an attempt to talk about the vulnerability of the female body.
The artist came into contact with MAMbo thanks to a referral from Sergey Kantsedal, a Ukrainian curator based in Turin and current director of the nonprofit space Associazione Barriera in the Piedmontese capital, who will be involved, along with Giulia Pezzoli, in coordinating and curating the residency project in Bologna.

Unlike the ROSE Residency Program call, Mariia Proshkovska’s residency is not canonically aimed at the production of new works and the realization of an exhibition project at Villa delle Rose, but the museum is providing protective conditions to allow her to continue and deepen her research in a perspective of openness and confrontation, which will also expand towards the artistic community of her country.

In fact, the artist’s presence in Bologna will be an opportunity to build a palimpsest of initiatives in which it will be possible to listen to and disseminate the voices of other artists and curators, both remaining in Ukraine and expatriates, and to reflect on possible support strategies in the context of the current war scenario. The museum and the residency thus make themselves available as a communication and awareness-raising tool to raise awareness of the situation experienced by professionals working in various roles in the field of contemporary art.

MAMbo, special edition of ROSE Residency Program: museum welcomes Ukrainian artist
MAMbo, special edition of ROSE Residency Program: museum welcomes Ukrainian artist

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