Milan, seven civic museum centers reopen from tomorrow

Permanent collections of seven civic museum centers reopen in Milan starting tomorrow.

Starting tomorrow, Feb. 16, the permanent collections of seven civic museum centers reopen in Milan: Castle Museums, GAM Gallery of Modern Art, Civic Aquarium, Palazzo Moriggia | Risorgimento Museum, Archaeological Museum, Palazzo Morando | Costume Fashion Image, Boschi Di Stefano House Museum.

On the occasion of the reopening, Palazzo Moriggia | Museo del Risorgimento offers the new temporary exhibition 12 steps in the Risorgimento, dedicated to elementary school children. Created by the museum in collaboration with the Milan Committee of the Institute for the History of the Italian Risorgimento, the exhibition route directs the visit to the rooms through twelve lecterns, called “milestones,” which accompany visitors among the museum’s works and relics, alternating historical narrative with play, so as to make knowledge and discovery of the personalities and masterpieces of that period more accessible and fun.

Routes dedicated to young visitors (ages 6 to 10) have also been organized in the Castle’s museums: interactive and entertaining guides will introduce them to important works in all museum venues; a special, expanded and updated route is dedicated to children in the Castle’s Picture Gallery.

The conservation, study and restoration work carried out in the past year has also allowed for a rethinking of part of the exhibition itinerary of the Castle museums, enriching it with recently acquired works: rooms XVI, XVII and XVIII of the Museum of Furniture and Wooden Sculptures present new layouts with entire sections redesigned around new masterpieces; in the Pinacoteca a panel depicting St. Augustine by Michelino da Besozzo, one of the main protagonists of international Gothic art, is on display in room XX dedicated to Lombard Gothic culture.

The Archaeological Museum, on the other hand, hosts the exhibition Under the Sky of Nut. Divine Egypt: visitors will be able to enter the world of the divine in Egypt through one hundred and fifty works including sculptures, votive reliefs, sarcophagi, mummies, and elements of the funerary equipment that accompanied the deceased.

The city museums will be open Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Reservations are not required, but are recommended.

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Milan, seven civic museum centers reopen from tomorrow
Milan, seven civic museum centers reopen from tomorrow

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