Released today on major digital stores The Medici Game. Murder at Pitti Palace

Available from today on major digital stores for Ios and Android, in seven languages, the video game The Medici Game. Murder at Pitti Palace.

As of today, October 30, 2019, it is available in major digital stores for Ios and Android, in seven languages (Italian, English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese) at the price of €2.29 The Medici Game. Murder at Pitti Palace, the first 3D video game dedicated to an Italian museum.

Made for the Uffizi Galleries by Sillabe in co-production with Opera Laboratori Fiorentini-Civita by the TuoMuseo association, it can also be downloaded from the official page

In the course of her vicissitudes, Caterina, the young researcher and art historian protagonist of the video game, will have to not only unravel puzzles and brainteasers related to the history of the Medici family and the artistic masterpieces in their collections, but also deal with different characters: in fact, she will meet evil members of the sect that opposes her research as well as unexpected allies and even spirit guides. The adventure begins with Catherine who, with the help of a friend, the night janitor Pietro, sneaks into the Pitti Palace, hunting for a mysterious treasure. As soon as she enters, she comes across a dying man in the Sala Bianca, struck by a poisoned dart: slumped to the ground, he entrusts her with a notebook with strange symbols before he dies, begging her to escape from the palace and destroy it as soon as possible, but Caterina realizes that she is trapped in the building, and getting out alive will prove to be quite a complicated mission.

The plot, with twists and turns and fantasy elements, is full of historical-artistic insights into the protagonists of the Medici’s affairs, carefully reconstructed through extensive research.

Starting today, by downloading the app, it will be possible to immediately test oneself with the first three parts of Catherine’s adventure; from the coming weeks, subsequent chapters will be made available free of charge to those who have purchased the game.

"The Medici Game offers never-before-seen glimpses of our artistic and architectural heritage: the hope is that young people can draw inspiration and curiosity from it to come and admire the original spaces of Palazzo Pitti, where the virtual adventure takes place," commented Eike Schmidt, director of the Uffizi Galleries.

Giuseppe Costa, president of Opera Laboratori Fiorentini, added, "The philosopher Aristotle relates play to happiness. We bet on the launch of The Medici Game because we believe in the revolutionary power of gaming and its educational power. We often hear that video games can harm children and adults. They are seen as passive and unconstructive pastimes that foster social isolation. In this case, however, solving the puzzles to which Catherine is subjected stimulates attention and imagination as well as bringing young people closer to art and history well represented with the Pitti Palace and the Medici family."

Maddalena Paola Winspeare, editorial director of Sillabe, continues, “A publishing product in step with the times. Sillabe has transformed the publishing house’s great cultural background on the Medici family and Florence into an absolutely modern digital adventure: a compelling video game. Among the goals of the project is also to bring young audiences - not always accustomed to frequenting museums - closer to the most evocative and art-rich places of our heritage. The 7-language edition (English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese) will encourage the spread of the game, intended to reach the widest possible number of players in this way. A stimulus to curiosity and all-round knowledge.”

"The Medici Game is a key building block for TuoMuseo’s collective as it continues to transfer cultural imagery to an international audience. With more than 20 photorealistic settings of the Pitti Palace reconstructed in 3D, thousands of lines of dialogue and accurate historical research this interactive work becomes a tool to develop and inform new audiences and at the same time an artistic and cultural expression of contemporaneity," said Fabio Viola, founder of TuoMuseo.

Released today on major digital stores The Medici Game. Murder at Pitti Palace
Released today on major digital stores The Medici Game. Murder at Pitti Palace

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