Sienese Museums Foundation launches its podcast channel on World Radio Day

Today is World Radio Day and the Siena Museums Foundation launches FMStreaming, its podcast channel.

To mark World Radio Day, which celebrates the anniversary of the first radio broadcast on February 13, 1946, the Sienese Museums Foundation is launching its podcast channel: FMStreaming.

The channel is available as of today on Spotify and Spreaker platforms and soon on Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts: each week it will be enriched with interviews, thematic and collaborative playlists, artist contributions, insights and conversations that will focus on the identity, role and heritage of Siena’s museums. Other columns will be curated by young Museum Angels from Regional Civil Service, the museums themselves and visitors.

Every Friday at 8 a.m., a new audio contribution will be published. To mark the launch, an interview with FMS director Elisa Bruttini is published today, accompanied by the “Director’s Cut” playlist, the first in a series of musical selections that will later involve other museum directors.

Playlists, columns and stories on demand: a new way to discover the cultural heritage of the Lands of Siena and get closer to museums, through listening.

“It is not only the pandemic that pushes us toward digital,” says Elisa Bruttini, director of FMS, "but it is a historical urgency regardless, already evident in the previous months, which now requires, for those who deal with culture, interdisciplinarity and multichannel communication. There are already many, even in Italy, podcast channels curated by museums, and in Siena, with RadioPapesse, we can boast an absolute vanguard since 2006. With this project of ours we would like to get closer to new audiences and especially to young people, but also to create a flexible and easy-to-consult space that is both archival and experimental, reflective and entertaining. We like to imagine FMStreaming as a container of stories: we would like to continue to collect voices and narratives around museums from ordinary people as well and apply new engagement strategies that serve us as a creative and critical reinterpretation of cultural heritage."

The project, conceived by FMS’s digital media staff, is curated by Amalia Bonacci, and the Inner Room - Radioarte - Open Zona Toselli association handled the recording, post-production and broadcasting of the interviews with contemporary art professionals.

Sienese Museums Foundation launches its podcast channel on World Radio Day
Sienese Museums Foundation launches its podcast channel on World Radio Day

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