The FMS card, a single ticket to visit Siena's museums, is born

The FMS Card, a single ticket for Siena's museums that provides free or subsidized access to museums, discounts and other services, is born.

Fondazione Musei Senesi launches the FMS Card, the single ticket for facilitated access to Siena’s museums. The Museum Network of the Lands of Siena presents a territorial enhancement and promotion project that involves most municipal administrations and many Sienese cultural institutes, as well as neighboring entities in a logic of wide area and institutional synergy.

The card is valid 365 days from purchase and offers free or subsidized access to thirty museums, discounts at the bookshop and other services. It is aimed at residents and tourists visiting the territory of Siena and, in general, anyone who wants to discover Siena’s cultural heritage.

“This is an important institutional result,” commented Alessandro Ricceri, president of FMS, “from which emerges the joint will to invest in museums as a contribution to the cultural and tourist offer of the territory. A project that, moreover, has found the full collaboration of other Tuscan museum circuits that understood its potential and immediately accepted our proposal.” Thanks to a dialogue already initiated in recent months, MAEC Museo dell’Accademia Etrusca e della Città di Cortona and the Massa Marittima Museums (Museo della Miniera, Museo di San Pietro all’Orto, Archeologico and Torre del Candeliere) have also granted a special rate to FMS Card holders.

“We envision the card as an invitation to explore the lands of Siena,” adds FMS director Elisa Bruttini, “even returning there several times, perhaps throughout the year, to visit those places that historically have always had a connection with the city regardless of political boundaries; at a complex time like this and in the sign of the times, cultural institutions can only strengthen collaboration.”

The card is designed for proximity and multi-day tourism. “Fondazione Musei Senesi, as is the case in many Italian, European and American cities, has issued a card that allows visitors to visit museums by making admissions faster and cheaper,” says Tuscany Region President Eugenio Giani, “and it is a valuable initiative that opens the doors to all those who will want to visit the treasures of the culture and history of the lands of Siena and beyond in a more agile way. Above all, it is a ’plus’ that comes at a significant moment of desire and need for rebirth that Siena has seized upon and underscored with this tool, which is a collective mark of quality and the fruit of an area that has succeeded in making a system by making the most of its resources.”

You can purchase the FMS card from July 12 online at the FMS website( and at the ticket offices of some of the museums in the network. It offers two different rates, individual at 10 euros and family at 18 euros, in which two adults and up to 2 children under the age of 11, or one adult with 3 children are included. With the card you can get free admission to the first museum you show up at and enjoy reduced admission to all other museums from the second admission onwards. If the museum already has free admission, the bonus is triggered at the next museum that charges a fee.

This is an experimental and developing project that will gradually include other concessions at monument sites, businesses, services and events of cultural interest. Thus, for the first time, museums in the Lands of Siena are united by a unique tool intended to target visitors and invite them to discover Siena’s heritage. The project was implemented in collaboration with Studio Logico srl, the electronic ticketing operator of Fondazione Musei Senesi through the Ticket Cloud platform.

The FMS card, a single ticket to visit Siena's museums, is born
The FMS card, a single ticket to visit Siena's museums, is born

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