The Pilotta Monumental Complex opens its collections to children: Amici Kids is born

The Monumental Complex of the Pilotta in Parma presents in collaboration with the Friends of the Pilotta Association the new project dedicated to children: Amici Kids. Two special events are already planned.

TheFriends of the Pilotta Association, in collaboration with the management of the Pilotta Monumental Complex, offers Amici Kids, a new project dedicated to children. The initiative stems from the desire to accompany young children to discover the collections of the museums of the Complesso della Pilotta. According to some studies, in fact, positive museum experiences at an early age encourage them to return to cultural venues even as adults: this is precisely the goal that the Amici della Pilotta association wants to pursue with the new project.

Cantincoro educators will lead young visitors through the halls of the National Gallery of Parma showing them some works and involving them in moments of play. They will be animated visits with stories and music. Two events are planned as part of the project in the coming weeks: Five characters in search of music, to be held on Sunday, November 28, at 4:30 p.m., and Di presepi e altre storie: aspettando Natale, scheduled for Sunday, December 12, also at 4:30 p.m. In the first event, the subjects of some of the museum’s famous works will tell about themselves and their stories and involve children in finding the right music for them. They will listen to some pieces from the classical and modern repertoire interspersed with playful moments. In the second event, Christmas-themed paintings and music will accompany children on this journey, during which young visitors will discover some of the best-known representations of Western art inspired by the Holy Scriptures.

The meetings are aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 10, with reservations required.

The activity for children is free upon signing up for the new Amici Kids card at a cost of 10 euros (5 euros for children/grandchildren of members). For parents and any other accompanying persons already associated with the Friends of the Pilotta, admission is free. For non-member adults accompanying children, there is a reduced entrance fee of 8 euros.

For information and reservations write to

ph Giovanni Hänninen

The Pilotta Monumental Complex opens its collections to children: Amici Kids is born
The Pilotta Monumental Complex opens its collections to children: Amici Kids is born

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