A fundraiser to restore Notre Dame Cathedral.

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris will launch a fundraiser aimed at its restoration. In the United States, a foundation was born to save it.

Notre-Dame Cathedral, a spectacular Parisian cathedral, will launch a major fundraiser to finance its restoration, estimated at around 100 million euros.

The beloved monument is suffering from the effects of time and smog. “The condition of the cathedral has now reached a point where soon the structures will no longer be able to do their job, threatening the stability of the building itself, not to mention the ultimate loss of the sculpted decorations,” explains the archbishop.

A foundation would be established in the United States to attract patrons and donors for the purpose of contributing to the restoration.

The cathedral’s spokesman told Le Figaro, “The church raises 5 million euros annually through alms and donations, another 2 come from the state. We understood that if you want to save the cathedral you have to change step and turn to private individuals.”

Source: Ansa - La Sicilia

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A fundraiser to restore Notre Dame Cathedral.
A fundraiser to restore Notre Dame Cathedral.

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