A Plan for constant dialogue between school and cultural places aimed at recovering sociality

Memorandum of Understanding signed between Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture: school and culture united for social recovery and skill enhancement.

Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi and Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini signed the Memorandum of Understanding "Interventions aimed at promoting education in the arts, music, creativity, cinema, theater and the cultural projects of educational institutions," aimed at strengthening collaboration between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture and facilitating, starting in the summer, projects between schools and cultural venues to create opportunities for recovering sociality and strengthening disciplinary and relational skills.

With the implementation of the “Summer 2021 School Plan,” the two ministries intend to promote and strengthen collaborations between state museums, archives, libraries, public and private entities in the entertainment sector, cinema and educational institutions in order to carry out project activities, which can continue during the next school year. Students will be able to approach Italy’s historical and artistic heritage in this way.

“The school, as an educating community,” said Minister Bianchi, “has by definition a very close relationship with all declinations of culture. I thank Minister Franceschini and his department for this agreement, which further reinforces a strategic collaboration. The Summer Plan will bring girls and boys, girls and boys, back to full-time, live social interaction and learning after the many difficulties we have and have experienced. Returning to being able to enjoy cultural visits and performances is the privileged tool for young people to enter the new normal, always accompanied by a school open to the territory, the outside world and society.”

“This protocol marks a point of restart and looks to the future,” added Minister Franceschini. “The necessary restrictive measures taken by the government during the pandemic to contain the contagion and secure the health of Italians put a strain on the youngest, who had to give up school in attendance and the typical sociability of being in the classroom. This protocol is an important step toward a return to everyday life that has culture at the center in our country. Starting in the summer and also in the following months there will be a constant dialogue of the school with museums, theaters, music and cultural venues. This is an initiative that will help the performing arts sector to restart.”

The collaboration activated by the Protocol will accompany schools in the involvement of students in events related to the arts, music, cinema, theater, audiovisual, in the development of the study of the territory and traditions of local realities, through the visit, also in virtual mode, of museums, archaeological areas and parks, libraries, state archives and other places of culture.

A Plan for constant dialogue between school and cultural places aimed at recovering sociality
A Plan for constant dialogue between school and cultural places aimed at recovering sociality

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