Farewell to Giuliano Vangi, among the greatest contemporary sculptors internationally

Giuliano Vangi leaves us at the age of 93. The great artist, best known for his sculptures, passed away in his adopted city of Pesaro.

Giuliano Vangi (Barberino di Mugello, 1931 - Pesaro, 2024), one of the world’s leading contemporary artists known primarily for his sculptures, has passed away at the age of 93 in his adopted town of Pesaro.

Vangi, who was born in Barberino di Mugello in 1931, studied at the Art Institute and Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and lived most of his life away from his home town mainly for his artistic and teaching activities in Italy and abroad. Many are his works in Italy and abroad: in the Vatican Museums, Palazzo Madama in Rome, Padua Cathedral, Pisa Cathedral, Padre Pio Church in S.Giovanni Rotondo, Korea, Japan.

Awarded the Praemium Imperiale for sculpture in 2002, the year in which the Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum in Mishima, Japan, dedicated to him, was inaugurated, he began his career focusing on abstract studies and working with crystal, iron and steel, and then switched to figurative expression when he returned to Italy in 1962 after four years in Brazil (1959 to 1962). In 1962, he returned to Italy and settled first in Varese and then in Pesaro. He was a member of the Accademia delle arti del disegno in Florence, the Accademia di San Luca and the Accademia dei Virtuosi al Pantheon in Rome.

Condolences from Pesaro Deputy Mayor Daniele Vimini: “He leaves us today one of the world’s greatest sculptors who had chosen Pesaro as his adopted city for more than 50 years. His love for the city was witnessed on a thousand occasions, including in the decisive moments of his candidacy as Italian Capital of Culture, but it would be reductive to talk about it at this moment. Just this morning we had brought to the council the resolution for the creation of the museum dedicated to him at Palazzo Mazzolari Mosca, gathering his will to leave several of his works in Pesaro for a large permanent exhibition project. Hello Giuliano, your lesson of style and rigor will remain a perpetual message for Pesaro, like the beauty of your works already in the city. A big hug to his family and those who loved and accompanied him through an extraordinary life.”

“Giuliano Vangi, a great master, has left us. An enlightened figure, who helped make some of the central places of our city more fascinating, regenerating them and giving them life with his extraordinary works,” writes Pesaro Mayor Matteo Ricci. “He has been a valuable witness of our Pesaro 2024 - Italian Capital of Culture, which, through his work, has helped strengthen its strategy, embellishing it. Thank you Giuliano.”

Farewell to Giuliano Vangi, among the greatest contemporary sculptors internationally
Farewell to Giuliano Vangi, among the greatest contemporary sculptors internationally

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