First Oslo Biennial announced

The city of Oslo, Norway's capital, will have its first Biennial: announced for May 2019.

Oslo, too, will have its own Biennale: in fact, the Norwegian capital has announced its first Biennale for May 2019.

Director will be Ole G. Slyngstadli, while the two curators will be Eva González-Sancho and Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk, who have already worked together on the experimental project Oslo Pilot.

According to the statement, the Oslo Biennial will be held in public spaces, which will help to better understand the relationship between public art and places that represent the public sphere of society.

Deputy Mayor Rina Mariann Hansen says, “The upcoming biennial marks a new phase in the city’s ambitious creative endeavors, and represents a new step in its deep tradition of major art projects in the public sphere.”


First Oslo Biennial announced
First Oslo Biennial announced

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