Florence makes civic museums available for anti-Covid vaccinations

Florence's civic museums may be made available for anti-Covid vaccinations. This was announced today by the city administration.

Florence ’s civic museums may be made available for the Covid-19 vaccination campaign. Mayor Dario Nardella and Culture Councillor Tommaso Sacchi said this today. “Culture,” began the first citizen speaking at the More Museum conference, “is not an ornament, but is something sedimented, innate, and deeply ingrained in man, and it is precisely from culture that we must start again for new life after the pandemic. Culture must be a lever for a new restart, the basis of an entire planning that has at heart a new model of human development made urgent by the cracking of the world as we have known it. We need to propose a new model of museum fruition, to accustom the public once again to a live vision of a work of art, not mediated by a screen, to make the materiality, the physicality even synaesthetic of exhibition halls coexist from now on with the immediacy, the pervasiveness, the potential of the web and the unstoppable digital transition.”

“Culture,” the mayor continued, “must provide profound answers in a strategic and ethical vision, otherwise how will we overcome this collective trauma, how will we speak to the new generations? We must go beyond the boundaries of conventional policies, we must involve universities, research centers, cultural institutions, intellectuals. Culture must really permeate all revival projects.”

And because culture must provide an answer, culture, according to the City of Florence, can also answer the demand for spaces to perform anti-Covid vaccinations. “In the coming months,” Councillor Sacchi announced, “we will have to rethink cultural institutions, museums in primis: they must have a circular approach, they must change their skin and make themselves available to society. We did it for example by opening the Pergola Theater to schools, we will do it by making the civic museums available for vaccinations, if necessary. Museums must increasingly be part of our lives, our education, our society. In Florence the ’mingling’ of different social functions has already begun, and culture and museums will be closer and closer to the daily lives of citizens. For example, in Santa Maria Novella the future museum of the Lingua will be next to social housing, while Manifattura Tabacchi and Torre ex Fiat in Novoli will respectively host art residences and a new home of the contemporary: two huge former factories in the city will become factories of the best ideas.”

“We thank Minister Franceschini,” the councilor concluded, “for the support he has always given in this very difficult year, and the news of the possibility of reopening the museums in the ’yellow zones’ fills us with joy. We are ready to do so as early as next Monday: we do not want to lose a single minute and even though we know there will be economic sacrifices to be made we believe it is an important signal of hope.”

In the photo: Florence, Palazzo Vecchio, the Salone dei Cinquecento

Florence makes civic museums available for anti-Covid vaccinations
Florence makes civic museums available for anti-Covid vaccinations

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