Florence museums partially reopen. Mayor: closure for economic reasons moved the government

Florence's civic museums are reopening, albeit partially. Mayor Dario Nardella said the closure for economic reasons moved the government's commitment.

There had been a big stir over the news of the non-reopening of Florence’s civic museums: in fact, the City Council had decided to keep them closed, despite the fact that the government had granted the possibility of reopening the museums on May 18, as it was not economically viable according to Mayor Dario Nardella and Culture Councillor Tommaso Sacchi. Now things are changing and the City Council is granting a partial opening, which will start on June 2 on an extraordinary basis from Palazzo Vecchio, Museo Bardini and Museo Novecento. All other museums in the city remain closed for now.

There will be limitations, however. Meanwhile, on the opening days: they will be active only on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays, starting June 6. Then, on the hours: from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Finally, on the routes: in Palazzo Vecchio, the Camminamento di Ronda, the Tower of Arnolfo and the archaeological excavations will be excluded from the museum tour. Entrances will be limited and to gain access it will be mandatory to purchase tickets online with reservations. The same applies to Florentine Card holders. Guided tours will also be suspended for the entire month of June: however, there will be a cultural mediator in the halls who will briefly illustrate the exhibition spaces at the request of the public.

The municipality lets it be known that visitors will be able to attend the museums safely: the necessary goods and services have been acquired to guarantee the health protection of visitors and operators, and regular and repeated sanitization of the spaces is guaranteed. The entity also assures that protocols are in place to allow safe access and a fully satisfactory visit for users with body temperature detection at the entrance of the route, mandatory use of masks, maintaining a safe distance, and restricted access to museum routes.

“Our museums,” say Mayor Dario Nardella and Culture Councillor Tommaso Sacchi, “have remained closed until now due to the very heavy economic situation of the municipality. Thanks in part to this strong and symbolic stance, we have obtained a commitment from the government to restore, albeit partial and insufficient, the resources needed to activate services, including cultural ones. This is why we have decided to reopen, at this stage not yet fully, our museums on June 2, Republic Day, as a sign of hope and rebirth, as a sign of our very strong desire to once again be able to let everyone enjoy our historical and artistic heritage.”

Image: Palazzo Vecchio

Florence museums partially reopen. Mayor: closure for economic reasons moved the government
Florence museums partially reopen. Mayor: closure for economic reasons moved the government

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