For its 10th anniversary, MAXXI gives itself a new home in L'Aquila

MAXXI in Rome turns 10 and celebrates with a branch office dedicated to contemporary art in L'Aquila.

MAXXI-the National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome is celebrating its 10-year anniversary and will open its new headquarters in L’Aquila on June 21, 2020.

It will be Palazzo Ardinghelli that will host MAXXI L’Aquila, a laboratory dedicated to artistic and cultural production open to the territory; an open space where art, architecture and photography collections will join temporary exhibitions, in-depth studies and educational projects.

During the presentation of the MAXXI’s achievements, led by Foundation President Giovanna Melandri, MiBACT Minister Dario Franceschini stressed that the MAXXI will be "a detached branch of the Maxxi, in a very symbolic place, a recently renovated building. It is a beautiful initiative that will strengthen the Maxxi and the presence of contemporary art.“ He added, ”L’Aquila was chosen because it needs the support of the Italian government, there is a story of redemption that needs to be built. We will continue to support the Maxxi, we have already increased resources for purchases of the permanent collection and we will also support it in its activities."

President Melandri said it was decided to allocate Palazzo Ardinghelli tocontemporary art in order to “regenerate a fabric and a territory that have certainly suffered and that can instead restart thanks to the collaboration between art, science and the university.”

Opening the MAXXI branch office in L’Aquila is a great challenge, as pointed out by the first citizen Pierluigi Biondi, as they are still working on the public and private reconstruction of the city, but he announced that in March L’Aquila will submit a dossier to the ministry to compete for the nomination as Italian Capital of Culture 2021.

Following Giovanna Melandri’s wish for continuity in the support of institutions, Minister Franceschini went on to say, “We will continue to support the action of the Maxxi, a museum that has shown how collections can be combined with exhibitions, and that is making investments in young people and great masters. We have increased resources for purchases of the collection, in 2020, 2021 and 2022 resources will increase substantially.”

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Ph.Credit MAXXI Rome

For its 10th anniversary, MAXXI gives itself a new home in L'Aquila
For its 10th anniversary, MAXXI gives itself a new home in L'Aquila

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