From the Uffizi to Centuripe: Salvatore La Spina is the new mayor of the Sicilian village

Salvatore La Spina, former head of the Uffizi press office, is the new mayor of Centuripe, a Sicilian village in the province of Enna.

From the press office of the Uffizi to the position of first citizen of the Sicilian town of Centuripe, in the province of Enna: Salvatore La Spina, for many years communications manager of the great Florentine museum, has been elected mayor of the town, which has just over five thousand inhabitants. La Spina, a native of Centuripe himself and a candidate with the civic list RestiAmo a Centuripe, defeated rival Delfio Caruso of the list L’impegno del fare, obtaining 54 percent of the preferences.

Born in 1971, a journalist with a degree in art history from the University of Florence, Salvatore La Spina had resided for 30 years in the Tuscan capital, where he had launched a long and fruitful career in the cultural heritage sector: first as an educational worker at the local superintendency, and then among the ranks of Opera Laboratori Fiorentini, a company for which he worked for years in the communications sector, serving for a long time as head of the press office of the Uffizi Galleries and then, since 2018, of the Gallerie dell’Accademia and the Bargello Museums.

In his spare time, especially in the last two or three years, Salvatore La Spina had initiated interesting civic engagement projects for his home country: two victorious battles in particular are recalled, the one for the restoration of the 19th-century Ecce Homo in the Sicilian village’s Mother Church (thanks to La Spina’s efforts, who had started a crowdfunding campaign to save it, which turned out to be a success, funds were raised to support the work), and the one for the affixing of a landscape constraint on the area of the Muglia countryside, in the municipal territory of Centuripe, where the construction of a landfill was planned. After two years of struggles initiated precisely thanks to La Spina’s efforts, the matter had ended with the constraint placed by the Enna superintendency.

“Deciding to leave the city where I have lived for several years now to return to Centuripe,” La Spina had said during the election campaign, “was an inevitable choice. Thirty years of my life outside were not enough to sever my bond and my love for Centuripe and, above all, for the people who live there.” The newly appointed mayor’s program includes a tourism development program, the creation of a planning office for the acquisition of national and European funds, support for the productive, agricultural, artisan and commercial worlds, the rehabilitation of urban roads and sports facilities, the redevelopment of the historic center, and the improvement of the road network and garbage and water collection services.

From the editorial staff of Windows on Art, good luck to the new mayor of Centuripe.

From the Uffizi to Centuripe: Salvatore La Spina is the new mayor of the Sicilian village
From the Uffizi to Centuripe: Salvatore La Spina is the new mayor of the Sicilian village

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