Government scenarios: who is Alberto Bonisoli, in pole position for cultural heritage

After the Lega-Movimento 5 Stelle agreement for the government, here is who is in pole position for cultural heritage: Alberto Bonisoli.

After the Lega-Movimento 5 Stelle agreement to form the government, the names of the premier and ministers remain to be resolved. For cultural heritage, the role of minister could go to Professor Alberto Bonisoli, who was mentioned by the 5 Star Movement in March as the minister of a possible Pentastasi-driven government. Bonisoli’s name currently appears to be the most likely one for the position of minister of cultural heritage also due to the fact that the League does not seem to be expressing any prominent personalities.

Alberto Bonisoli is currently Head of Institute at NABA, the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, a private academy founded in 1980 in Milan and recognized by the Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale (AFAM) system.

This is Bonisoli’s biography on the NABA website: "Born in 1961, he is an expert in Education Management and international project design and development. Since 2013 he has led the Piattaforma Sistema Formativo Moda, the association aimed at promoting and strengthening the Italian fashion education system, with the goal of consolidating institutional relationships and designing a certification system for fashion schools that would guarantee their quality at the international level.

During his professional experience, he has advised public, national and European Union institutions and universities in more than twenty countries, helping to develop innovation and development plans in education, research and training.
From 2005 to 2007 he served as Senior Consultant at the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, working on the definition of integrated programs to facilitate the adaptation of Italian research and development programs to the EU framework.
His academic collaborations include a long-standing one with Bocconi University, at which he taught Innovation Management and directed numerous international partnership projects.
Through his activities he contributes to increasing academic and faculty quality and student satisfaction."

In the photo, Alberto Bonisoli with Luigi Di Maio

Government scenarios: who is Alberto Bonisoli, in pole position for cultural heritage
Government scenarios: who is Alberto Bonisoli, in pole position for cultural heritage

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