How the €500 vacation bonus works: here's everything you need to know

Here's how the vacation bonus included in the relaunch dl works: everything you need to know, how much it is, who can use it, how long it is valid.

One of the main measures for tourism contained in the relaunch dl(here all measures regarding culture and tourism) is the so-called vacation bonus, which will allow Italian families to take advantage of a credit to spend in Italian accommodations. How will it work in practice? Who will be able to apply for it? How much will the bonus be? Let’s see in detail.

Officially (art. 183 of the relaunch dl) the vacation bonus is called the vacation tax credit and is a tax credit granted to households with Isee not exceeding 40,000 euros. It will be usable from July 1 to Dec. 31, 2020 for the payment of services offered domestically by “tourist accommodation enterprises” (i.e., hotels) and agritourism and bed-and-breakfast establishments that possess the qualifications prescribed by national and regional regulations for the exercise of tourist accommodation activities.

The amount of the credit varies according to how many members of the household there are: 500 euros for households consisting of three or more people, 300 euros for households consisting of two people, 150 euros for households consisting of only one person.

How does this work in detail? The decree explains that the expenses that will benefit from the bonus will have to be incurred in one lump sum in relation to services rendered by a single hotel, a single agritourism or a single b&b. Therefore, it will not be possible to use it to stay in two different facilities. The expenditure will have to be documented with an electronic invoice or commercial document, where the tax code of the person who intends to use the credit is indicated, and the facilities will have to be paid without going through the intermediation of entities other than platforms or telematic portals of travel agencies and tour operators (so no to payments via Booking, Air bnb or similar: you pay the facility directly or go through a travel agency).

The credit of the 500, 300 or 150 euros will be used 80 percent in the form of a direct discount on the consideration due to the facility, and 20 percent in the form of a tax deduction on the tax return. To suppliers, i.e., facilities, the discount will be reimbursed in the form of a tax credit, and it can also be transferred to third parties (including those other than their own suppliers of goods and services), as well as to credit institutions or financial intermediaries. The tax credit that is not further assigned is used by the transferee in the same way as for the assigning party.

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How the €500 vacation bonus works: here's everything you need to know
How the €500 vacation bonus works: here's everything you need to know

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