Livorno City Museum director appointed: he is art historian Paolo Cova

Art historian Paolo Cova is the director of the Livorno City Museum. The Lombard professional, born in 1981, prevailed over a shortlist of 19 candidates. The position will last 18 months, compensation of 45,000 euros gross.

At last, the Museum of the City of Livorno has its scientific director. In fact, the selection by qualifications and interview for the position has been concluded, and the commission’s verdict smiles on art historian Paolo Cova, who gets the appointment at the end of a selection process that started last November.

A native of Lombardo di Cittiglio (Varese), born in 1981, Cova, after graduating from DAMS at the University of Bologna in 2004 with a thesis on Templar patronage in 13th-century artistic production in Abruzzo, he graduated in 2009 from the School of Specialization at the same university and obtained his doctorate in art history in 2012, also at the University of Bologna (with a thesis on the artistic patronage of Templars and Hospitallers in Emilia-Romagna). After the end of his studies, he remained in academia (he was and still is an adjunct professor of Medieval and Renaissance Art History at the University of Bologna) but in parallel has held other positions: currently, as of December 2021, he is referent of the Office of Communication, Promotion and External Relations of the Civic Museums of Ancient Art of the Municipality of Bologna, and he is scientific referent for the production Grandi Maestri 2 by Ballandi Arts for Sky Arte HD, while in the past he collaborated with the Civic Museums of Imola, was been scientific manager of the television productions Rinascimenti dimenticati by 3D Produzioni, Grandi Maestri and Sette Meraviglie by Ballandi Arts for Sky Arte, as well as of Potere e bellezza by Ballandi Multimedia for Rai Storia, has worked as a tour guide, supervised as supervisor and scientific manager projects for Bologna Welcome, for Genus Bononiae, for Fondazione Carisbo, and edited entries for the Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani for the Enciclopedia Treccani.

Cova has no previous experience as a museum director, but since 2009 he has chaired the Rabisch cultural association, with which he has conceived, coordinated and led projects in collaboration with public agencies and private companies in the field of art dissemination.

In the final ranking, Cova edged out archaeologist Lorenzo Fatticcioni by one point and Lissone Museum of Contemporary Art director Francesca Guerisoli by two points. Coming in from fourth place were Veronica Carpita (art historian, director of the Trossi-Uberti Art Foundation), Alessandro Furiesi (director of the Volterra Museums), archaeologist Carolina Megale, museologist Maurizio Vanni (former director of the Lu.C.C.A. Center), art historian Davide Mariani (director of the Ulassai Art Station), art historian Francesca Cagianelli (curator of the Pinacoteca Comunale “Carlo Servolini” in Collesalvetti), curator Ludovico Pratesi (artistic director of the Guastalla Foundation for Contemporary Art), thearchaeologist Simone Pastor, museologist Claudia Pecoraro, curator Paolo Antognoli (founder of Pavillon Social - Kunstverein), art historians Lorena Rosarita Tadorni, Fabiana Fabbri, Jacopo Suggi (social media manager of the Fattori Museum in Livorno), cartoonist Daniele Caluri, writer Stefano Lenzi and curator Cristina Olivieri.

“A new chapter opens for the Bottini dell’Olio cultural center,” comments Culture Councillor Simone Lenzi. “I am very pleased, I believe our offices could not have chosen better to continue in the work of revitalizing our museum. I look forward to sharing new projects with him after the satisfaction we have had so far.”

Paolo Cova’s tenure will last eighteen months. The art historian will receive a compensation of 45,000 euros gross, including vat if due, conferred for professional services rendered.

Livorno City Museum director appointed: he is art historian Paolo Cova
Livorno City Museum director appointed: he is art historian Paolo Cova

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