Magnani-Rocca Foundation, Cisl: at the door 10 art historians framed as errand girls at 6 euros an hour. They demanded dignity

Magnani-Rocca Foundation, ten art historians framed as errand girls ask for contract adjustment but are left at home: the FISASCAT-CISL denounces this.

The Parma section of the FISASCAT-CISL (Italian Federation of Trade Unions for Tourism Related Commercial Services) union has issued a note to publicize the story of ten art historians who were working with the Magnani-Rocca Foundation in Traversetolo (Parma): according to reports, they had a seasonal contract and were classified as bellboys/ushiers, with a pay of just over 6 euros per hour gross. Also according to the communiqué released by the union, which assists the ten workers, they had asked that the Foundation adjust their contract by recognizing their role with the dignity that the course of study and experience necessary for the work of an art historian requires and deserves. In response, the collaboration would be terminated, and consequently the ten art historians left at home. We reproduce the full note below.


Only a few months ago, in February 2018, the then Minister of Artistic Heritage and Cultural Activities and Tourism, Dario Franceschini, announced the decision of the Mibact, made
unanimously by the unanimity by the seven experts, members of the same ministry’s commission, to rightly award Parma Capital of Culture 2020, a city among the most creative in cultural production, capable of change in a non-ideological but consciously future-oriented perspective.

FISASCAT-Cisl of Parma and Piacenza was invited to go “behind the scenes” of this exciting and complacent show, met some of the protagonists who help give voice to the artists, to their works, to express those emotions that find their origin in the passion of those who tell them.

We are talking about ten cultural workers, highly qualified, with all the qualifications needed to be able to proudly represent the works of art that for several months of the year, in temporary exhibitions, are hosted at the Magnani Rocca Foundation, one of the most prestigious cultural attractions in the ducal city.

Their story takes us to 8 years ago, when the Magnani Rocca Foundation embarked on an occasional collaboration transformed after a few years, into a seasonal contract with several calls per year, professionally framing them with the job of bellboy/waiter at a little more than 6 € gross per hour, as an economic and normative reference the national collective contract of private security. The staff assisted by FISASCAT-Cisl, several times tried to reach an agreement with the president of the Foundation and some of the distinguished members of the Board of Directors, which has all the highest political, religious and cultural figures of the city involved, an agreement that would recognize dignity to their role, their profession, and their work that contributed to making the Foundation’s name great, becoming a point of reference not only for the many visitors, but also for other museums, national and international, with which they held professional relations and cultural exchange. Unfortunately, the Foundation’s board of directors, through its spokesperson the President, denied any availability and in an act of haughtiness, terminated all levels of collaboration by effectively shutting the door on those who were guilty, of wanting to recognize professionalism in their work.

The “behind the scenes” of the city elected Capital of Culture 2020, shows that it has lost respect for the person and his realization through his profession, a place where by definition, culture understood in the broadest sense, should find a home.

FISASCAT-CISL Parma Piacenza

Pictured is one of the works preserved at the Magnani-Rocca Foundation: Titian, Madonna and Child, Saints Catherine and Dominic and a Donor (1512-1516; oil on canvas, 138 x 185 cm; Traversetolo, Magnani-Rocca Foundation)

Magnani-Rocca Foundation, Cisl: at the door 10 art historians framed as errand girls at 6 euros an hour. They demanded dignity
Magnani-Rocca Foundation, Cisl: at the door 10 art historians framed as errand girls at 6 euros an hour. They demanded dignity

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