Mantua hosts first World Forum on Urban Forests

From November 28 to December 1, 2018, the first World Forum on Urban Forests is being held in Mantua.

From Nov. 28 to Dec. 1, 2018, Mantua will host the first World Forum on Urban Forests: more than 400 experts from more than 50 countries around the world will discuss the importance of integrating green infrastructure with the gray infrastructure of cities.

The benefits that urban forests can provide to the population in terms of sustainable economic growth, environmental conservation, social cohesion and citizen involvement will be addressed with positive examples of urban green planning, design and management.

The Forum aims to offer a dialogue between national and local governments, research institutes and academics, nongovernmental organizations and international and national development cooperation organizations, urban planners, foresters, urban foresters, arboriculturists, landscape architects, designers and professionals from other sectors. Each will tell how they have addressed or are addressing the problem in their countries and what strategies need to be implemented to safeguard the planet andsustainable urbanization.

It is no coincidence that the first Forum on Urban Forests was chosen to be hosted in Mantua, as the city was considered the greenest city in Italy for the second consecutive year in the Ecosistema Urbano 2018 ranking compiled by Legambiente and Ambiente Italia.

The Forum will be the starting point for establishing long-term collaborations on urban forest planning strategies and the future of our cities.

World Forum on Urban Forests is promoted by FAO, organized by the Municipality of Mantua Politecnico di Milano, SISEF under the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Agriculture Food and Forestry, and Ente Regionale per i Servizi all’Agricoltura e alle Foreste.

For information and to view the full program:

Mantua hosts first World Forum on Urban Forests
Mantua hosts first World Forum on Urban Forests

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