Paestum: Mimmo Paladino's Sand Horse returns to its place of origin

Mimmo Paladino's Sand Horse has returned to Paestum, the place where the sand used to make the work came from.

Starting today, July 11, 2019, the Paestum Archaeological Park welcomes Mimmo Paladino’s Sand Horse. It is the first of the famous horses made by the artist to return after a long time to the place for which it was conceived.

Made in 1999 for the MMMAC (Museo Materiali Minimi d’Arte Contemporanea - Museum of Minimal Materials of Contemporary Art), after being exhibited for some years in the vicinity of the Paestum site, the Sand Horse had been transferred to Fisciano, in the province of Salerno, due to an eviction and various vicissitudes. Thanks to an agreement between the Paestum Archaeological Park and MMMAC, the work made with sand from the Paestum beach has returned to its place of origin.

The Sand Horse is about 4 meters tall and wears an iron mask that refers to the tombs of the Lucanian period. In the Paestum Archaeological Park, it has been placed on a pedestal between the Temple of Neptune and theTemple of Hera. “As in a theatrical dramatization, the horse will slowly reveal itself to visitors intent on admiring the temples. An unexpected encounter with an imposing immobile horse will succeed in bringing to life an atmosphere suspended in time. With such suggestions, the public will find themselves to be part of the art installation,” commented Nuvola Lista at the direction of MMMAC.

Excited Paestum Archaeological Park director Gabriel Zuchtriegel: “When I saw it coming I was so impressed by this dialogue between Paladino’s sculpture and the Doric columns that I felt like crying. I restrained myself because I was surrounded by staff and tourists, but I assure you that it is a very strong emotion to see this sculpture in the southern sanctuary of the ancient city, which in antiquity housed, besides the temple of Hera ’lady of the horses,’ numerous votive statues, to which Paladino’s horse seems to refer.”

The directors, in response to the criticism that has been unleashed on social media, invite people to see the temporary installation on site. Among the statements on social media, concern that they are facing “yet another desecration of places sacred to world culture” and “ignominies passed off as works of art, which taste and desecrate places where true art exists.”

Paestum: Mimmo Paladino's Sand Horse returns to its place of origin
Paestum: Mimmo Paladino's Sand Horse returns to its place of origin

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