Perugia, start of restoration of cathedral facades supported by Cucinelli

Restoration of the facades of Perugia Cathedral supported by the Cucinelli Foundation and Eni gas and light has begun.

The facades of the Church of San Lorenzo, Perugia Cathedral, will be restored: the interventions will benefit from the “Bonus facades” established in 2020 and will be carried out thanks to the economic support of the Brunello and Federica Cucinelli Foundation and Eni gas and light, which, with the CappottoMio project, in addition to carrying out the work with its partners, will buy the credit from the 90% tax deduction provided. The work began on July 12 and will involve the conservative restoration of the front and side facades, the external staircase and the bronze monument to Julius III. Also planned are stone cleaning, removal of some cement inserts applied as joints between stones in old restorations that will be replaced with materials and methods compatible with the principles of conservative restoration and the historical and artistic importance of the monument.

“The Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the heart and reference point of the liturgical life of the entire diocesan community, expresses, also in its location and architectural configuration, the nerve center of civil and religious Perugia,” said Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti. “With its imposing and unadorned walls, it strongly recalls the precariousness of existence, where the ”unfinished“ manifests all human incompleteness, which only in God reaches full fulfillment and splendor. Its immense spaces, empty during the pandemic time, impressed and excited us. With the resumption of the flow of people and especially of liturgical life, the restoration of the mighty side elevations that have supported this majestic yet fragile building for centuries, squeezed together by a delicate architectural balance, is felt more necessary than ever. I therefore thank Eni gas and light, the Brunello and Federica Cucinelli Foundation, and those who, with a gesture of heart, faith and great foresight, have taken the initiative to restore the facades of Perugia Cathedral. This is a complex and refined work, demanding but destined to last, which will give new life and splendor to our Mother Church.”

“When, in all these years past, I happened to pass by our beautiful cathedral,” added Brunello Cucinelli, President of the Brunello and Federica Cucinelli Foundation, “I could not help but marvel at its majesty and beauty and I always thought of the day when I could do something to preserve it for those who will come after us. So this day celebrates for me the realization of a beautiful dream, that of a restoration strongly desired by the sensitivity of Cardinal Bassetti, guaranteed by the experience and wisdom of our new Superintendent, Elvira Cajano, and made possible by the professionalism of Eni gas and light and the Family Foundation, with sincere and great love for Perugia. John Ruskin said that the guardianship of monuments is an act of high morality and respect for history, and it fascinates me to think that in this case what we are guarding is a very high symbol of art and the spirituality of an entire people.”

The restoration will have a total value of 7.5 million and will involve three stages, the first of which is already underway and will be completed around the end of December.


Perugia, start of restoration of cathedral facades supported by Cucinelli
Perugia, start of restoration of cathedral facades supported by Cucinelli

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