Puglia invests in street art: 4 million euros from the region

In Puglia, Street Art becomes law and the region funds interventions with four million euros.

The Region of Puglia has approved a rich program of interventions to support street art: urban art will be a tool for the redevelopment of degraded and peripheral areas.

Already last summer, the Region had invited public administrations, through a call, to propose spaces to be made available for street art interventions. Among the applications received, as many as ninety-one among municipalities, provinces, schools and universities, the first eleven interventions had been chosen, which were carried out with the resources of the autonomous regional budget available, or 150 thousand euros.
Now the region has allocated the necessary resources to continue the project, amounting to 3,640,000 euros. Street art is thus the subject of the new law Provisions for the enhancement, promotion and dissemination of street art, the only one of its kind in Italy, which gives value to this type of art.

“We are betting on Urban Art to regenerate public places and assets,” said Councillor for Tourism and Cultural Industry Loredana Capone. “Our goal, with a measure that has no equal in Italy, is to involve artists and citizens, together with municipalities, to make our cities more beautiful and attractive, especially in their suburbs, which precisely through art can become more inclusive and livable. In fact, the artistic dimension can give heart and soul to a neighborhood, arouse emotions and involve in experiences; in short, we believe that alongside the municipalities with our help, the measure can generate a great cultural, artistic, urban, social and even touristic impact in the Apulian territoriesWe have worked a lot with President Emiliano on this initiative, and we are proud that with this measure Apulia is at the forefront in Italy in terms of approach, participation, and the amount of resources put in place for art and urban creativity. Ours is an initiative also in line with the interest shown by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, which has launched a specific program in collaboration with Inward National Observatory on Urban Creativity, in order to carry out in the coming months a first reconnaissance, in the national territory, of the works of Street Art, Muralism and Graffiti.”

The project is part of the wide-ranging Sthar Lab program, approved by the Council last December and aimed at the recovery of cultural assets and places belonging to public administrations through fruition workshops divided between street art, historic theaters and rock habitats capable of activating cultural paths of public and collective relations.

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Puglia invests in street art: 4 million euros from the region
Puglia invests in street art: 4 million euros from the region

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