Rimini, opens the Fellini Museum, a museum entirely dedicated to Federico Fellini

The Fellini Museum, a museum entirely dedicated to the great director Federico Fellini, will open in Rimini in a few days.

A museum entirely dedicated to Federico Fellini opens in Rimini: it is the Fellini Museum, the largest museum project dedicated to the Romagna director. The museum has three locations in Rimini’s historic center: Castel Sismondo, the 15th-century Malatesta fortress to whose design Filippo Brunelleschi contributed; the Palazzo del Fulgor, a building of 18th-century origin, where the ground floor is home to the Fulgor, the legendary Amarcord cinema now refurbished with sets designed by three-time Oscar winner Dante Ferretti; Piazza Malatesta, a large urban area, with green portions, arenas for performances, art installations, an immense veil of water to evoke the ancient moat of the castle, and a large circular bench that, as in the finale of 8 and a Half, is meant to be a hymn to life, solidarity, and the desire to be together.

The museum does not intend to interpret the cinema of the Rimini director as a finished work in itself, as a shrine or tribute to memory, but rather wants to enhance the cultural legacy of one of the most illustrious directors in the history of cinema, who was born in Rimini in 1920. To achieve the goal, the Fellini Museum brings together in a conceptual and spatial unicum multiple places in the heart of the city, creating a composite path of participatory narratives that make the visitor the protagonist of an immersive experience, in a seamless dialogue between indoor and outdoor spaces in which creativity and imagination can positively contaminate Rimini and its journey into the present and future, as a key to access the world of “everything is imagined.”

The project is part of a broader action of infrastructural renovation and enhancement of the cultural and architectural heritage of the city and its historic center, which brings to fruition an overall strategy of enhancement of the city that is redesigning its image and future. Through an international call for bids, the Municipality of Rimini has entrusted a grouping of companies led by Lumiére & Co and including Studio Azzurro, with the conception of the entire layout of Castel Sismondo and Palazzo del Fulgor, which is characterized by an immersive multimedia installation project with a strong participatory value for the visitor, who is often called into question by the narrative solutions devised for the itinerary, curated by Marco Bertozzi and Anna Villari.

The doors of the Fellini Museum will open for the opening weekend on Thursday, August 19, 2021 with an opening moment and show starting at 8:30 p.m., and then again on Friday, August 20, Saturday, 21 and Sunday, August 22, 2021 with free guided tours open to the public from 10 a.m. until midnight. The public, equipped with Green Passes, will be able to book their free visit through the museum’s website starting in the coming days. Included by the Ministry of Culture among the major national cultural heritage projects, the Fellini Museum aims to position itself as “a space that manufactures emotions and spectacle in which innovation, research and experimentation are measured against the classicism of art.” The Museum will be presented by Culture Minister Dario Franceschini at the Venice International Film Festival on Tuesday, August 31, 2021, at the Venice Lido. Given the complexity of its articulation on three sites, with different times of conclusion the inauguration of the Museum is not concentrated and exhausted in a single event, but is distributed according to a program of initiatives (exhibitions, concerts, reviews, conferences, shows) that, starting on August 19, continues throughout 2021.

The Fellini Museum is realized thanks to the participation of almost all the producers of Fellini’s films and the current holders of the exploitation rights: from RTI - Gruppo Mediaset to Titanus, from Pea Films Inc to Cristaldi Film, from Rai Cinema to Istituto Luce / Cinecittà, from Gaumont to Lyric Productions to Compagnia Leone Cinematografica, as well as thanks to the involvement of the main national audiovisual archives: from the Teche Rai to the Historical Archives of the Istituto Luce, from the Fondation Fellini pour le Cinèma in Sion to the Tonino Guerra Association, from the Barilla Historical Archives to the National Archives of Business Cinema and the Photographic Archives of the Experimental Center of Cinematography Foundation, from the Cineteca Foundation of Bologna to Cinemazero in Pordenone, from Reporters Associates & Archives to the Mimmo Cattarinich Cultural Association to the Maraldi Archives. All visual identity and graphics for the Fellini Museum is created by Studio FM of Milan. Partners in the project, which has obtained the patronage of Rai, are Visit Romagna and APT Servizi Emilia-Romagna with Hera Servizi Gold sponsor. Practical information on how to visit on the opening days will be announced in detail in the coming days.

Image: Fellini Museum, Castel Sismondo, ph. Lorenzo Burlando

Rimini, opens the Fellini Museum, a museum entirely dedicated to Federico Fellini
Rimini, opens the Fellini Museum, a museum entirely dedicated to Federico Fellini

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