Rubens to be artist out of competition at Sanremo Festival: He is a pop icon of painting

A 17th-century copy of a famous self-portrait by Rubens will be on display for the duration of the Sanremo Festival at the entrance to the Ariston. "It is a pop icon of painting," said Liguria Regional President Giovanni Toti. "He will be an artist out of the competition."

Not only singers at the Sanremo Festival. Starting Tuesday, Feb. 7, a 17th-century copy of one of Pieter Paul Rubensself-portraits, which will be on display until Feb. 5 at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa as part of the Rubens in Genoa exhibition, will be transferred to Sanremo and will be visible for the duration of the Festival at the entrance to theAriston.

The announcement was made yesterday just at the Genoa exhibition. The painting is an early copy of one of the most famous images Rubens painted of himself, theSelf-Portrait now in the British Royal Collection, signed and dated 1623 by the artist, who thus depicts himself at the age of forty-five.

"Rubens is an out-of-competition artist at the Sanremo Festival and, as is often the case with out-of-competition guests, he will certainly be among the absolute protagonists of the Festival,“ said Region of Liguria President Giovanni Toti. ”The ’Rubens guest of honor at the Sanremo Festival’ project is a symbol of the mixture of arts that are also very different, but in their own way all popular, which are the basis of the Region’s culture policy line. Rubens is certainly a pop icon of painting and this is proven by the numbers and the success of the exhibition at the Ducale, just as the Sanremo Festival, as far as the art of singing is concerned, is undoubtedly the most watched show, broadcast, and pop event in Italy. The many people who will come to the Ariston Theater in San Remo to see more will be fascinated and inspired by seeing the painting by the great Flemish artist and, perhaps, will decide to visit Genoa and discover its beauties."

“We are proud that one of the works from the incredible exhibition in Genoa,” adds Genoa Mayor and Councillor for Culture Marco Bucci, “can also be featured at the Sanremo Festival. It’s a unique stage for a painting that has been able to enchant visitors in recent months at Palazzo Ducale. The Rubens exhibition turned out to be a great success for our city, with 70,000 visitors left open-mouthed in front of the beauty of the Flemish artist’s works, a result that is the fruit of great work. This new initiative will make it possible to attract even more visitors to Genoa.”

Da Pieter Paul Rubens, Autoritratto (XVII secolo; olio su tela; Collezione privata)
By Pieter Paul Rubens, Self-Portrait (17th century; oil on canvas; Private collection)

Rubens to be artist out of competition at Sanremo Festival: He is a pop icon of painting
Rubens to be artist out of competition at Sanremo Festival: He is a pop icon of painting

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