Today's date with #domenicalmuseum!

Back today, like every first Sunday of the month, the #domenicalmuseum initiative is always a great success.

The monthly appointment of #domenicalmuseo returns today!

As with every first Sunday of the month, it will be possible to visit more than 430 state museums, archaeological sites and monuments for free to spend a day in cultural places.

These include the Museo casa natale di Gabriele d’Annunzio in Pescara, the Temple of the Tavole Palatine in Matera, the National Archaeological Museum in Reggio Calabria, PomposaAbbey and the Pomposian Museum, the National Archaeological Museum in Aquileia and the Certosa Museum in Pavia.

For the full list, visit the MiBACT website

Image: Pomposa Abbey

Today's date with #domenicalmuseum!
Today's date with #domenicalmuseum!

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