Twin Bottles arrive in Forte dei Marmi. Their journey to expose pollution of the seas continues

Through September, Forte dei Marmi will host Giacomo "Jack" Braglia's new exhibition project: exhibiting sculptures and environmental installations, including Twin Bottles.

Remember the Twin Bottles, the two huge floating steel bottles that were placed on the Grand Canal last year?

Now the two monumental sculptures have arrived in Forte dei Marmi, on the occasion of a new exhibition project of sculptures and open-air environmental installations by Swiss artist and photographer Giacomo “Jack” Braglia (Lugano, 1996), entitled Conversations with a Changing World.

The exhibition, curated by Beatrice Audrito and promoted by the Gabriele and Anna Braglia Foundation, will be held on the Forte dei Marmi waterfront until September 2020, and features three large site-specific sculptures that once again reflect on topical issues such as environmental protection. "The new works Same Outcome and Pollution Suppliers are the result of some of my travels to countries where nature is constantly being raped,“ the artist explained. ”Seas invaded by plastic, polluting industrial plants, concrete that day after day takes away space from agriculture." As previously stated, also on display will be the large environmental sculpture The Twin Bottles. Message in a Bottle, an installation created by four hands together with international sculptor Helidon Xhixha, which depicts on an augmented scale two plastic bottles crushed and thrown away as abandoned garbage, to send a strong message denouncing the pollution of the seas due to plastic leakage. The work, which was unveiled last July in Venice on the Grand Canal in front of Ca’ Vendramin Calergi, has become a symbol of the fight against plastic in the seas, thanks to its extraordinarily topical message and the great attention it has received from international media. Exhibited in December 2019 in the garden of the Milan Triennale and later in the water space of the Yacht Club de Monaco Marina, the work today reaches Forte dei Marmi to bring its message for a cleaner world.

Giacomo Braglia participated in the 58th Venice Biennale with the exhibition #MayYouLiveToHelpWalkers and won the Visvamitra International Award of Excellence 2019. For several years, the artist has been pursuing research on the border between photography and sculpture. Using an innovative technique, he transcends the concept of the two-dimensional image by giving body to traditional photography, using alternative photographic supports: plaster busts, shields, spheres and other sculptural forms that Braglia covers with photographic images to allow photography to conquer the third dimension. His artistic research always addresses pressing social issues such asenvironmental pollution and the migration of peoples.

Ph.Credit Barbara Cardini

Twin Bottles arrive in Forte dei Marmi. Their journey to expose pollution of the seas continues
Twin Bottles arrive in Forte dei Marmi. Their journey to expose pollution of the seas continues

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