Two ministers appointed for education: Azzolina to School, Manfredi to University

The two new ministers of education have been appointed, Lucia Azzolina at School and Gaetano Manfredi at University.

New school minister appointed: Lucia Azzolina (Syracuse, 1982) will take the place of Lorenzo Fioramonti, following the latter’s resignation.

With degrees in Philosophy and Law and specializing in teaching history and philosophy, she is an upper secondary school teacher.
A member of the 5 Star Movement since 2018, she has been Undersecretary for Education, Universities and Research since September 13, 2019.

Announcing her appointment was Giuseppe Conte at his end-of-year press conference.

On his Facebook page, the new minister wrote, "Leading the Ministry of Education will be a great honor for me. I do not hide the emotion I feel at this moment. In the school I spent the best years of my life, first as a student and then as a teacher. To the school I want to give back what it has given me.
There is a lot of work to be done. And we will do it. With our heads down, with humility, through listening, confrontation and by continuing to go to the schools, as I have done in these months as Under Secretary. I thank President Conte for the trust. I thank Luigi Di Maio who supported me and all my parliamentary colleagues of the 5 Star Movement.
I address a deferential thought to the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, guarantor of the Constitution and national unity.
A great task awaits me. I will not be alone: at the Ministry in these first months I have already shared, with a team of people and experts, the path of the school decree and initiated the first dossiers. And then there is the staff of the Miur. There are so many prepared people with whom we will immediately get to work for the good of the school.
I thank all those who have written to encourage me and who are wishing me well in my work. I will put all my efforts to bring children and their future back to the center of the Education system and the country.
I can’t wait to get started."

Azzolina will be joined in the ministry by Gaetano Manfredi (Naples, 1964), who was appointed minister of Universities and Research. Manfredi is rector of the Federico II University in Naples. A graduate in engineering, he has been a full professor in Construction Technology since 2000. He has been president of the Conference of Italian University Rectors since 2015.

Two ministers appointed for education: Azzolina to School, Manfredi to University
Two ministers appointed for education: Azzolina to School, Manfredi to University

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